Darkfruit is a character in the game Spikeyfruit. In it, he is the final boss of the game and a playable character.



Spikeyfruit and Darkfruit usually have an on-off rivalry, but at the end of the final level, he battles the main hero, copying every move except the roll attack. The roll attack is required to beat Darkfrui during this time.


Darkfruit and the Robofruit army are at odds, due to the Robofruits being flying robotic clones of him. after Darkfruit defeats a Robofruit in Adventure 8, rushing to defeat Centipede, the entire Robofruit army is put through testing protocols to make sure nothing can defeat them. Eventually, Spikeyfruit defeats them all with Darkfruit's help.


Darkfruit and Centipede are completely antagonistic towards each other, even going as far as attempting to murder one another, before Spikeyfruit intervenes and throws Darkfruit at Centipede, killing the for some reason 10-legged mutant.

Luv Lee

Darkfruit and Spikeyfruit both have an interest in Luv Lee, fighting over it to gain her love. Eventually, Spikeyfruit got her attention, leaving Darkfruit to "Bite [Spikeyfruit's] dust!".

The 7 other bosses in Spikeyfruit

Darkfruit is good friends with his 7 other siblings, unlike Spikeyfruit, who is rivals with them. After the ending of Spikeyfruit, Darkfruit and Starfruit both ride on Dragonfruit downwards while the credits roll.

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