"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 5: The Changes of Turnabouts

[Theme that plays: ]

Revoir then goes to a hotel and orders a suite number, 200.

{Revoir's Suite, Long Beach, 12:00PM}

"No, no, no *sniff*, they killed her, THEY DID!" Said Revoir with rage.

Revoir then goes to a make a phone call to Burbank.

"Hello?" Asked Lea[On Phone]

" Revoir." Replied Revoir[On Phone]

"Oh my, how was it? Did you see your sister?" Asked Lea[On Phone]

Revoir almost lets out crys, but calms down.

"She....she....she's dead." Answered Revoir[On Phone]

Lea is impacted.

"WHAT!!!!!" Yelled Lea[On Phone]

"Are you ok Revoir?" Added Lea[On Phone]

"Yes, I am, but I will get revenge on that... family..." Replied Revoir and hangs up.

"What could he have ment?" Thought Lea.

For the next 8 months Revoir remains isolated gaining money and confidence to confront the family.

[Theme ends]

{8 Months Later...}

[Theme that plays: ]

{Hotel Teo, Lobby, 10:00AM}

A man comes down with a suitcase and gives the hotel keys to the receptionist and leaves the hotel for good.

{House of the Anastasia, Long Beach, 11:00AM}

The same man knocks on the door, waiting for someone to open it.

"I'll get it." Said Olivia.

She opens the door.

"Hmm? and you are?" Asked Olivia.

"I am Leopold Montgomery, I will live here with you all." Explained Leopold.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Mirror then comes downstairs.

"Who do you think you are, to go to any place you please?" Asked Mirror.

Leopold comes into the house and turns to them.

"I am one of the most important social people that can help your family grow better economically." Said Leopold.

"Well thats interesting." Said Mirror.

She calls for a servant, Victoria, to take Leopold to a room.

"Take the guest to a fine room please." Requested Mirror to Victoria.

Victoria agrees, and takes him.

"Hmm, I have a feeling I have seen him before." Explained Olivia.

{Leopold's Room, House of Anastasia, 12:00PM}

Leopold looks at all his stuff and sets up his room, he then goes to sit on his bed looking out the window.

"I finally am completing the first step." Said Leopold to himself.

"They will pay dearly, for killing my sister...I swear it." Thought Leopold in his mind.

[Theme ends]

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