"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 46: ...Drops of Blood...

[Theme that plays: ]

{Leopold's Office, Company Genevieve, 12:00AM}

Leopold is seen pacing back and forth thinking about the crime.

"I....I will not get found out, don't worry, everything is ok." Said Leopold to himself.

Zandra then walks in.

"Are you feeling ok?" Asked Zandra.

"Yes...of course, why do you ask?" Replied, and asked Leopold.

"Well, you seem a little shocked, or nervous about something." Explained Zandra.

Zandra then walks to him.

"You know, if you don't feel ok, you may go back to the house, I could take it from here." Said Zandra.

Leopold then gets his stuff.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"I think your right, I'll go back to the house, I'll see you later ok?" Said Leopold and leaves.

Zandra then returns to her office.

{H.O.A, Living Room, 1:00PM}

Leopold in rush enters the house, Victoria sees.

"Wait...Leopold, we need to talk." Said Victoria.

"NO, I NEED SOME REST." Yelled Leopold.

Victoria grabs him by the arm and stops him.

"I AM SERIOUS, this is very important, and you know that, Leopold." Addressed Victoria.

They then go into the dinning room to speak.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Dinning Room, H.O.A, 1:30PM}

As they sit, they ask Frances and Nark to excuse them selves as they have the rest of the day off.

"So now then, I need you to explain to me what are you going to do now...about this mess that you did?" Asked Victoria.

Leopold turns away from her, to avoid the conversation.

"No, you must listen, any time now, the inspector my return and we need to figure out, how to make sure he doesn't catch you." Explained Victoria.

"I just want out, I can't even sleep at night thinking about what I did." Said Leopold.

"But we have to find a way....NOBODY COULD FIND OUT YOU KILLED CONSTANTINE!" Yelled Victoria.

Zandra was entering the dinning room as Victoria yelled.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

" can't be." Said Zandra.

Leopold is impacted.

"What doing here?" Asked Leopold.

"I left the company, since I was done with the last of the paperwork." Replied Zandra.

"But after what I just heard, I...I don't even know what to think about you anymore." Added Zandra.

"He wanted to kill you...Zandra, and also me." Explained Leopold.

Zandra takes a seat.

"He left me with no other alternative, it was him....or me." Added Leopold with pride.

Zandra, tries to understand Leopold, both them and Victoria continue to talk about the issue, and to find a way out of it.

[Theme ends]

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