"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 44: Montgomery Morals

[Theme that plays: ]

Victoria is impacted.

"" Asked Victoria in shock.

Leopold then gets up.

"He was about to push me off the balcony, we can make it seem as if his death was suicide." Explained Leopold.

"You want ME, to help you hide such a crime, Leopold I am sorry, but I will not help you." Said Victoria.

Leopold then grabs her by the hand and pushes her down violently.


Victoria, in fear of Leopold accepts, both then go back into the house.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{House of Anastasia, Living room, 7:00PM}

"Call the police, and tell them, Constantine pushed himself off the balcony." Said Leopold.

Victoria in fear dials the number to the police and explains what happens, following orders from Leopold.

{Company Genevieve, Zandra's Office, 7:30PM}

Zandra is seen still writing paper work.

"Goodness, this company will never grow with out the right people working here." Said Zandra.

Eva comes into the office.

"Zandra, there has been a terrible crime in the house of anastasia, I just got a call." Explained Eva.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Oh my god, pass me the call to my phone please." Requested Zandra.

Eva then leaves and Zandra takes the call.

"Yes?" Asked Zandra[On Phone]

"Hello, I am Gustav Ian, and I am the police, investigating the house, Constantine committed suicide here, and I just thought to inform you about this death." Said Gustav[On Phone]

Zandra is impacted by the news, wondering why this happened.

"I understand, I will be there immediately." Replied Zandra[On Phone]

"Thank you for your cooperation, Ms?" Asked Gustav[On Phone]

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Betancourt." Replied Zandra, and hangs up, she then goes downstairs and leaves the company to head on to the house of anastasia.

{House of Anastasia, Living Room, 8:00PM}

Gustav is interrogating Leopold and Victoria.

"Did you actually see him, jump off?" Asked Gustav.

"Yes." Replied Leopold.

Victoria is impacted at how Leopold continues to lie.

"He said he wanted to kill, me...but, knowing how he would go to jail, he in turn wanted to frame me instead." Explained Leopold.

Gustav takes note on the explanations, Zandra then arrives.

"Was it a bad suicide?" Asked Zandra.

"He threw himself from the balcony, it is not the worst type, but I don't understand why would he do this." Said Gustav.

"He...wanted to frame, Leopold." Said Victoria, "It's very clear that, it was his intention." She added.

Gustav then tells them that this case will not be closed anytime soon, and too, be assured that random visits will be made.

[Theme ends]

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