"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 39: Plan of Pure Evil

[Theme that plays: ]

{Long Beach City, Airport, Lobby, 8:00AM}

Madeline and Xavier get their tickets, ready to board the plane.

"This is it, when we get to Las Vegas, I will call my helper, to dispose of Zandra." Said Xavier.

"I hope this truly works." Stated Madeline, as they get onto the plane.

They then take the plane to, Las Vegas.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{House Of Anastasia, Leopold's room, 9:00AM}

Leopold is seen looking at a photo of his sister.

"I miss you, so much...Sally." Cried Leopold.

"They...killed you...the Genevieve's" Also said Leopold with rage.

He then knocks down his desk in the room onto the floor, making a mess.


Zandra then, in rush, comes into the room.

"Leopold!" She yelled.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Leopold looks at her, with sadness in his face, tears and despair, they hug.

"Its ok, its over, now, don't worry about them anymore." Said Zandra.

"I..can't help it...they killed the last person that was family for me on earth." Said Leopold.

"But..I'm here, with you, and I won't leave you, we are family now, our workers are also family to us." Stated Zandra.

She helps him up.

"I want you to really calm down, don't live all frustrated about the past." Explained Zandra.

"You have to understand, I feel sad that I didn't come in time to protect her." Said Leopold.

He then walks to the window.

"We are not even sure, if the Genevieve's killed her, and all this time we were making their life a living hell as well." Explained Zandra.

Leopold is shocked at Zandra's words.

" regret helping me?" Asked Leopold.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"NO, its not that, its just, I feel like we did the wrong thing." Explained Zandra.

Victoria comes in.

"Leopold, I have been working for the Genevieve's for a long time now, maybe, I could explain to you what really happened all this time." Suggested Victoria.

Leopold feels as though he might be closer to the truth.

"So you might be able to tell me who killed Sally?" Asked Leopold.

"I might...I don't care about your old name "Revoir Mantabelo", I care about your well being, and thats why I will try to help you." Replied Victoria.

"Thank you Victoria." Said Zandra.

"After all...we are family now.." Stated Victoria.

"I..I just want that my sister's death does not stay un-judged." Said Leopold.

Victoria begins to explain to Leopold the day right before Sally's death.

[Theme ends]

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