"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 38: New Lives

[Theme that plays: ]

{Xavier's House, Living room, Long Beach, 9:00AM}

They arrive at Xavier's house, which of course is not as big as the house of anastasia.

"This, is your house?" Asked Madeline.

"Yes, its not the best house ever, but well, it certainly is something for now." Replied Xavier.

Madeline sits on the sofa near the kitchen, it is the only one there.

"Well then, we have to come up with something, and soon." Said Madeline.

"Don't worry the plan is ready, all we have to do is travel for a few days, you know, so we won't be suspected. " Explained Xavier.

Madeline goes to the kitchen, grabs two cups of wine, and then returns back to the living room.

"Lets cheer then, for this new plan." Addressed Madeline.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Xavier grabs the cup.

"Yes, tomorrow we will leave off to Las Vegas, maybe for about three days or so, we're going to need a lot of money for our plan to work." Said Xavier.

Madeline and Xavier are seen laughing about their evil plans to destroy Leopold and take everything away from him.

{House Of Anastasia, Dinning Room, 10:00AM}

Leopold and Zandra are seen sitting around the table.

"Well then, how are we going to maintain the house?" Asked Zandra.

"We might as well sell it." Added Zandra.

"No, we will pull through just stop with the negativity." Said Leopold.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Victoria brings in food for them.

"There you are, Leopold and Zandra." Said Victoria, and is about to leave when Leopold calls her name.

"Victoria?" Asked Leopold.

Victoria turns to them.

"Yes?" She asked.

"I want you to sit here, with us." Explained Leopold.

Victoria is shocked, at Leopold's kindness, Leopold then calls for Nark and Frances, they also come into the dinning room.

"From here on out, all of us, including my workers well be here eating with us, this is your house too, understand?" Stated Leopold to them.

"Oh, Leopold, you don't have to do this." Said Frances.

"That's right Leo, its unnecessary." Added Nark.

Leopold then gets up and turns to all of them.

"I want everyone here to feel equal, thats all I truly want." Said Leopold.

Victoria, Nark and Frances were glad that Leopold was much more kinder then their past bosses.

"Cheers!" Yelled Zandra while holding her champagne cup in the air.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

They all cheered for a new life, and union between the house and everyone inside of it became reality.

{House Of Xavier, Madeline's Room, 3:00PM}

Madeline is seen packing some stuff into her suitcase.

"Tomorrow, is the day, I leave this town, finally even if it is for a short time." Said Madeline to herself.

[Theme ends]

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