"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 37: Moonshine of Bouts

[Theme that plays: ]

Zandra and Leopold continue to talk.

"But, that happened over a year ago, you can't be stuck in the past, Zandra." Said Leopold.

"Understand me, I have a hard time." Exclaimed Zandra.

"Why?" Asked Leopold.

"Because I am tired of this, all this, your revenge against the Genevieve's and all that." Replied Zandra.

Madeline casually hears this conversation outside Zandra's door.

"But the revenge is almost over, as soon as those Genevieve's step out of this house." Stated Leopold.

Zandra is annoyed by Leopold's ways.

"I just, miss the old times, back in burbank, our old lives." Said Zandra in a sad tone.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

" are saying Revoir Mantabelo, you miss him?" Asked Leopold.

Madeline hears that name and is impacted.

"Revoir Mantabelo is dead, only Leopold Montgomery lives." Explained Leopold.

Madeline is in shock, finding out that Leopold is actually Revoir and steps into the room.

"So, you were that guy, Revoir...." Said Madeline with witty.

Leopold is impacted.

"How did you know?" Asked Leopold.

"I heard you two talking about it outside." Replied Madeline.

"Its a bad habit to hear conversations that are not directed to you...Madeline." Said Zandra.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Madeline turns to Zandra.

"Its also a bad thing to lie to people and plot to destroy families." Said Madeline.

"Get out now!" Exclaimed Leopold.

"No, after all this that I know, I will be able to finish you...Revoir, you will see the true power of the Genevieve's." Said Madeline and leaves the room.

"What are we going to do?" Asked Zandra.

"Nothing, with that information she can't do nothing against me." Explained Leopold.

{The next day, H.O.A, Living room, 8:00AM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Madeline and Xavier are seen carrying their suitcases.

"I am glad I finally get rid of you two." Stated Leopold.

"We will fight to get the house back, Leopold, you will see." Said Xavier.

"I doubt that, you two are powerless." Addressed Zandra.

"Lets go, Xavier, we will need to think clearly about all this." Said Madeline.

"Yes, lets just leave them." Replied Xavier.

Both Madeline and Xavier leave the house.

"I can't believe it Leopold, you, threw them out of their own house." Said Zandra.

"Wrong...its not their house anymore, its ours." Replied Leopold.

[Theme ends]

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