"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 32: Madeline's Plot

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{The next day...Company Genevieve, Long Beach, Lobby of Company, 9:00AM}

Everyone comes to work, still shocked about Lawrence's death.

"I..I...I'm very sad." Said Zandra.

"But why?" Asked Madeline.

"Lawrence's death was not your fault...don't blame yourself." Said Leo.

"I am not blaming myself, I just wished we could have kept him from killing himself." Said Zandra as she runs upstairs to the second floor crying.

Xavier then makes a remark.

"We are not even sure, if it was a suicide." Said Xavier with witty.

Madeline then seems frustrated.

[Theme ends]

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"Are you implying that someone killed him?" Asked Madeline.

"Its always a possibility." Replied Xavier.

"But...then that would be one of us, that killed him, and I for one, am not the killer, it must have been one of you two if anything, we will find out soon enough." Addressed Leo as he gets into the elevator, leaving Madeline and Xavier alone talking.

"You better watch yourself...I've never liked you like an uncle, nor I will." Said Madeline.

"Are you warning me?" Asked Xavier.

"Take it as you WISH!" Replied Madeline and goes to her office.

Xavier then goes upstairs to his.

[Theme ends]

{Long Beach, City Jail, Investigator's Offices}

[Theme that plays: ]

Lilibeth and Cameron are seen talking over the results.

"It...can't be..." Said Lilibeth with shock.

"I am just as stunned as you are, Lili." Said Cameron.

Doctor Paris is seen computing stuff on the results confirming the crime.

"Yes, Lawrence's death was by poison, which can only mean, someone was trying to kill him...and achieved it." Stated Dr. Paris.

{Madeline's Office, Company Genevieve, 10:00AM}

Madeline is sitting on her chair worried about the crime.

"I have to make sure, I am not discovered...but how?" She asked herself.

"Maybe...if I frame, Xavier." Added Madeline.

She then gets out of her seat and leaves the office.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Company Genevieve, Lobby, 10:10AM}

Madeline talks with Eva.

"I am leaving back to the house, I don't feel well, please inform my husband and Zandra about this later on." Requested Madeline.

"Oh, don't worry Madeline." Replied Eva.

Madeline then drives back to the house of anastasia.

[Theme ends]

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