"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 30: Little Haters So Rude

[Theme that plays: ]

{House Of Anastasia, Living Room, 11:00AM}

Leo and Zandra see that Lawrence has returned.

"YOU BASTARD!" Yelled Lawrence.

"I...I had to do it, Lawrence, you were in my way." Said Leo.

Lawrence then tries to attack Leo, but Xavier stops him.

"ENOUGH, if you wish to stay here in the house, then you must behave yourself, Lawrence." Said Xavier.

"Don't worry Xavier, I will take him up to his room." Said Madeline.

"Alright, and make sure he stays up there, I will talk with Leopold and Zandra for a short time." Addressed Xavier.

Madeline then takes Lawrence back up to his room.

[Theme ends]

{Lawrence's Room, House Of Anastasia, 11:30AM}

[Theme that plays: ]

Lawrence is seen looking for something in his closet.

"What are you looking for, Lawrence?" Asked Madeline.

"I am looking for my notebook, that I had before mother's death." Explained Lawrence.

Madeline goes to comfort Lawrence.

"You miss her don't you?" Asked Madeline.

"Yes...I..wish she was, you know, still around." Said Lawrence.

He then goes to sit in front of the desk he has in his room.

"Well, let me get you a glass of water, that will calm you down." Said Madeline and goes to the other table in his room that has a glass and a water jug, she takes out a little bottle that contains clear liquid from her purse, and pours it into the glass of water, that she will give Lawrence.

"You don't have to serve me a glass of water, sister." Said Lawrence as he was getting the glass of water from Madeline.

"Nonsense, you need it to feel better." Stated Madeline.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Lawrence is seen drinking it.

"Well thanks sister." Said Lawrence.

"No problem." Said Madeline.

"I have to go to my room now, I'll see you later, Lawrence." Said Madeline.

"Okay, bye." Replied Lawrence, as Madeline leaves.

{Madeline's Room, House Of Anastasia, 11:40AM}

Madeline gets a glass of champagne and sits on a chair in front of her room mirror.

"Ah, poor Lawrence, *Drinks some of the champagne*, you will die just like mother, and will be with her how you wanted, I am such a good person." Said Madeline to herself.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Living Room, House Of Anastasia, 12:00AM}

Xavier is seen arguing with Leopold.

"I don't care, you are at my orders here, don't you forget that." Said Xavier.

"No, if you treat me like crap, I don't have to do anything you say." Exclaimed Leo.

"Leo, we really need to do something about this problem we have here in the house." Said Zandra.

Night fell, and it was dinner time, everyone was called to the dinning room at this point.

[Theme ends]

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