"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 25: Ruiz y de Teresa

[Theme that plays: ]

{The Next Day..., House Of Anastasia, 7:00AM, Living Room}

Leopold is seen about to walk outside along with Zandra to the company.

"Victoria, can you tell Nark to drive us to the company please?" Asked Leo.

"Yes, I will alert him." Replied Victoria.

Xavier is seen coming downstairs.

"Ah where are you two going?" Asked Xavier.

Leo is bothered by his intrusions.

"We are going to the company, we need to start really working on it." Explained Leo.

"Well i'll come along too, I want a job there as well." Said Xavier.

"No, if you wi-" Said Leopold but is interrupted by Xavier.

"Listen, I will do as I please, I am the owner of this house and you are here to work us, I am also the owner of the company, so if I were you I would learn to stay in my place and shut up." Exclaimed Xavier.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Leo then tells Xavier something that will change his view on things.

"I am the owner of the company, as I have the deed." Said Leo.

Xavier is upset at Leo's ways.

"Fine, but I command you to let me work there." Said Xavier.

"That is of course, if you wish to continue living here." Added Xavier.

Leopold feels as though he has no other choice but to bring him along.

"Ok, but I warn you, one wrong move and I will kick you out of my company." Addressed Leo.

Victoria then comes into the living room.

"Nark is waiting outside for you all, now." Said Victoria.

"Alright, thank you for the information." Said Leo.

"I think we should go now." Suggested Zandra.

"Yes, lets head out." Replied Leo.

They all went outside and entered the van, they then leave to the company.

[Theme ends]

{Long Beach, Company Genevieve, 8:00AM, Lobby}

[Theme that plays: ]

The three enter the company and see Eva.

"Oh my, I'm glad to see all of you again." Explained Eva.

"I am too, Eva, this is my cousin, Zandra and the uncle of the Genevieve's, Xavier." Stated Leo.

"Oh nice to meet you." Said Zandra.

"Hello." Addressed Xavier.

"Ok, Leo, do you need something?" Asked Eva.

"Yes, I need all my stuff moved to the office of Lawrence." Replied Leo.

Eva is shocked.

"You are going to take over his place?" Asked Eva.

"Yes, that is right, I have the deed now." Explained Leo.

[Theme ends]

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