"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 23: Drops Of Turnabout

[Theme that plays: ]

Madeline arrives at the house, she sets her keys down on the table.

"Victoria, sorry I am a little late, but you may serve the food now." Said Madeline.

Xavier is seen walking down the stairs.

"Ahh, Madeline, its been so long sweetie." Stated Xavier.

Madeline is shocked to see her uncle.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Madeline.

"I am here to put order to this house, I found out many things that I can not believe." Explained Xavier.

Victoria comes out of the kitchen.

"Maddy, the food is ready, you may all go to the dinning room." Said Victoria.

The door bell rings and Victoria goes to get it.

"Oh hello, I'm Frances and this is my cousin Nark, he can drive, you can make him a driver for you all." Said Frances.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Xavier greets them in.

"Victoria, please, give each of them a room, as I will need their services starting today." Said Xavier.

"Yes, I will do so immediately." Replied Victoria and takes them each to a room.

Leo and Zandra are seen coming downstairs.

"I heard that you said the lunch was ready." Said Leo.

"That it is, now then lets go shall we?" Asked Xavier.

Madeline seems very disturbed by her uncle's appearance.

{Dinning Room, House Of Anastasia, 1:30PM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Everyone is seen siting down in a chair around the table except for the servants.

"So, I have heard that you or better yet, the 'Genevieves' have a company, what is it about?" Asked Xavier.

"Something very exclusive." Said Madeline.

"Is that right...Leopold?" Asked Xavier.

Leo feels as though he was being pushed into giving out a answer.

"I am the new owner of the company so I am trying to learn most of the things that are required." Explained Leo.

"I might also work there too, I think its best if we all try to change things there." Stated Zandra.

Xavier takes a attribution and mentions something.

"And I have also heard that..well Mirror, died, the poor dear, how did she die?" Asked Xavier.

Madeline is greatly disturbed by the question.

"Apparently she committed suicide, which I think is very sad." Said Zandra.

"You..know what, I am not very hungry, if you'd all excuse me please." Said Madeline and leaves the table and heads upstairs.

Xavier sees Madeline's bother-ment and wonders if she had something to do with the death.

{Madeline's Room, House of Anastasia, 2:00PM}

Madeline is seen, sitting on the floor bothered and tormented by what she did, she remembers deeper in to her past.

[Theme ends]

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