"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 21: Cold Blood

[Theme that plays: ]

Delfino then comes into the conversation.

"Madeline, your time is up, lets go." Said Delfino.

"Alright." Replied Madeline.

As they leave they hear Lawrence, yelling.


"Thats a lie." Said Delfino.

Madeline is impacted.

"How do you know?" Asked Madeline.

"Leopold gave me a handwritten letter that Lawrence gave him proving he also gave the deed along with it." Replied Delfino.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

He then shows Lawrence and Madeline the letter.

"This is your handwriting!" Exclaimed Madeline.

"But..but that bastard, he framed me." Said Lawrence.

"Its no use denying you gave the deed to Leopold anymore, Lawrence." Said Delfino.

"Well, I just wanted you to clear that up, and now that I know it, its a good thing that you will stay here brother." Said Madeline in a cold tone.

Lawrence is impacted, and Madeline then leaves back to her house.

"A lier and a thief?" Asked Delfino to Lawrence and leaves.

Lawrence is seen sad and on the verge of going crazy.

{House Of the Anastasia, Long Beach, Living Room, 11:40AM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Zandra is seen coming downstairs.

"Hmm, where is everyone?" Asked Zandra to herself.

Victoria walks by.

"Would you like something, Miss Zandra?" Asked Victoria.

"Oh, no not at all, I'm just wondering where is Maddy and Leo." Explained Zandra.

"Ah, as far as Madeline, she left early and Leopold left about an hour ago, I have no idea where." Said Victoria.

Someone rings the doorbell.

"Oh don't worry Victoria, I'll get it." Said Zandra as she walks to the door.

"Thank you deary, I will be in the kitchen." Said Victoria as she walks to the kitchen.

Zandra opens the door and sees a man, she has never seen before.

"Hello, I am Xavier Ruiz y de Teresa." Explained Xavier.

Zandra is impacted.

"Your that guy I was speaking to, last time aren't you?" Asked Zandra.

"Yes, I remember your voice so yes." Replied Xavier.

Victoria walks out of the kitchen.

"Oh hello, Mr. Ruiz y de Teresa, we've meet before I think." Introduced Victoria.

[Theme ends]

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