"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 16: Belt of Plans

[Theme that plays: ]

Madeline goes downstairs, in rush and in anger, she then meets up with Leo.

{Lobby, Company Genevieve, 6:00PM}

"...Lawrence wants to talk to you, just go up stairs, and I'll wait in the car." Said Madeline and storms out.

Leo wonders why Madeline is in a bad mood, but regardless goes upstairs to speak with Lawrence.

{Lawrence's Office, Company Genevieve, 6:05PM}

Leo enters his office.

"Madeline told me you wish to speak to me, what is it?" Asked Leo.

Lawrence gets out of his chair and stands by the side of his desk.

"Well, I want you to work here, in this company." Replied Lawrence.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Leo is shocked, he thinks this is a perfect opportunity to ruin the family little by little.

"I..I sure, I'd be glad to join your family's company." Said Leo.

"I'm happy that you except it, this is your chance to really prove yourself." Explained Lawrence.

"You will be my assistant manager." Added Lawrence.

Leo is glad, he shakes hands with Lawrence, to start this business at once.

"I will take you to your office, so you can get to know it, I'll just go get the keys first so stay here please." Said Lawrence and leaves the office.

Leo then thinks of a plan to get rid of Lawrence, he sees a deed to the company on the desk and puts it in his pocket and also sees a important CD and robs it.

"Hehehe, now I will make sure you are in jail Lawrence, you'll see." Said Leo in his mind.

Lawrence then enters.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Alright I have found the keys, please follow me." Explained Lawrence.

They leave off to the far right of the floor and stumble upon a brown door and enter it.

{Company, Leopold's Office, 7:30PM}

"Is this my office?" Asked Leo.

"Yes, this will be your office from here on out, I want no questioning on it, if you wish to work here." Said Lawrence.

"Don't worry I wouldn't dare complain." Replied Leo.

"Ok, I'll tell you when we leave back to the house in about two hours or so, in the mean time, I need you to write a paper about the company's status." Stated Lawrence.

"Oh sure, don't worry I'll have it ready." Said Leo.

Lawrence then leaves to his office, Leo gets up and out of his office chair.

"This whole company will be mine, you evil bastards." Said Leo to himself.

[Theme ends]

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