"Darkest Skies" (Theme: )

Chapter 13: Enriched Company Part 2 of 2

[Theme that plays: ]

The next day, everything was different the air, the mood everything.

{Mirror's Room, Outside her door, 8:00AM}

Lawrence goes to knock on his mother's door to inform her that they will leave off to the company.

"Hello? Mother?" Knocked and asked Lawrence.

He then calls the servant, Victoria to open the door with keys.

"Alright Lawrence, its almost open." Said Victoria, she opens it and sees that Mirror is asleep.

{Mirror's Room, Inside, 8:05AM}

"Mother, wake up please." Said Lawrence, but she wouldn't wake up.

"Madam Mirror please wake up." Also said Victoria and sees if she has a pulse, she does not feel it.

Victoria is impacted to the max.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Whats wrong Victoria?, Tell me." Requested Lawrence.

"...M...Madam dead." Replied Victoria.

Lawrence is impacted, he can't even talk at this point.

"...No, NO SHE CAN'T BE NOOOOO!" Yelled Lawrence.

{Leo's Room, House of Anastasia, 8:08AM}

Leopold hears the yell and quickly gets up and runs to Zandra's room.

{Zandra's Room, House of Anastasia, 8:10AM}

"Zandra, there was a yell come with me please." Requested Leo.

They both go off to Mirror's room, they see Victoria and Lawrence in there.

{Mirror's Room, House of Anastasia}

"Oh my goodness, what happened?" Asked Zandra.

" mother, she is dead." Replied Lawrence.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Leo can't believe it, neither does Zandra.

"Victoria, please call police to take the body away." Asked Lawrence.

"Yes, sir, I will." Replied Victoria and goes off downstairs to make the call.

"I'm so sorry Lawrence." Said Leo.

Madeline comes into the room.

"...Whats going on?" She asked.

"Mother...shes gone." Replied Lawrence.

Madeline acts as if she is shocked.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"NOOOOOOOOOOO." Yelled Madeline.

Police arrive and take the body away, after that a funeral happens for Mirror, they return and are still in shock.

{Living Room, House of Anastasia, 1:15PM}

"I'm very sorry for, all that has happened." Said Leo.

"Its ok, Leopold, we will get through this." Said Madeline.

"Yes, thats right." Also added Zandra.

Lawrence then moves upstairs gets his stuff and leaves off to the company Genevieve alone.

[Theme ends]

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