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A transcript of the story in Dark Woods IV: Descend. For short summeries about each chapter, take a look at the game's main page. The chapters colored in red are those belonging to Ephraim and Shiphrah's co-op story.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: Dark Woods No More

Chapter 3: Pan Returns

Chapter 3.5: Enter Dark Woods

Chapter 4: Swamps Curse

Chapter 5: Under the Sea

Chapter 6: And Eye for an Eye

Chapter 7: And Straight on 'Til Morning

Chapter 8: Fortress Crawler

Chapter 9: Missing Mom

Chapter 10: Demons vs Demons

Chapter 11: Drei, Zwei, Stein

Chapter 11.5: It's Alive

Chapter 12: Up to the Top

Chapter 12.5: Absorption

Chapter 13: Plague of Isis

Chapter 14: 8 Minutes 'Till Midnight

Chapter 15: Epilogue

Bonus Chapter: Mask Maker

Post Credits Scene 1

Unlocked when all the reports have been collected.

Post Credits Scene 2

Unlocked upon completing the bonus chapter as well as Ephraim & Shiphrah's story.

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