Dark Woods IV: Descend
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, The V², PlayStation 4
Single player, Multi-Player
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Dark Woods
Predecessor Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns
Successor Dark Woods V: Freak Show

Dark Woods IV: Descend is a horror action-adventure game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo for the V², Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4. It is the fourth installment of the series and takes place roughly two years after the events of Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns and an unknown time after Fantendo Sports Resort.


Like in the previous installments Dark Woods IV is an open world environment where the characters are free to roam around and explore different parts of the woods. Five playable characters appear in the game although only two can be used at a time, you are free to change characters when one is in the hub. In co-op mode both of the characters can be controlled by the players when entering a new level. All characters have their own unique abilities that can aid them in different situations.

When Hein and the other three enter the Dark Woods a special spell of The Threat extract the powers of them making them weak again. The same happened to Ashley and Nostradamus when Eight entered the Dark Woods. They can level throughout the game and gain new abilities along the way. They can obtain new weapons and abilities when defeating bosses, while others have to be bought at the shops or just hidden in treasures in the Dark Woods. The support abilities have mostly turned into passive abilities of which only one can be activated at a time, but can be switched as long as they are out of battle.

Of course the Deity Masks also return. They stay the same as the previous game only this time around every character has two masks duo to the addition of Ashley to the team. There also is another Mask hidden in the game that can be used by all, but a secret boss needs to be defeated beforehand.

In addition there is a side-story that requires two players, and thus cannot be played alone. It revolves around Shiphrah and Ephraim's quest in the Dark Woods. Unlike the main story mode their gameplay is a lot more limited. They don't have Deity Masks. They can level up and gain new abilities, but only have two variations for their weapons and one support ability.


Action Control
Move L
Camera R
Center camera R3
Jump B
Melee attack Y
Block A
Interact X
Scroll abilities R1/L1
Deity Mask R2 + L2
Open menu/ pause +
Map -
Menu navigation up/down/left/right

Weapons & Abilities


After Hein and the others were banished back to their own dimension by the Plague Master things stayed quiet. And it did so for almost two years, that was until a pink-haired girl approached them, Ashley, now at the same age of them. She requested their help as Dark Woods, and possibly the rest of the Fantendoverse, was in danger by a huge threat.

Unlike the previous game, each character has its own story, with the exception of Ephraim and Shiprah who are only availible for co-op mode. There are 6 stories in total that all occur at the same time.


For a full transcript see: Dark Woods IV: Descend/Story


Main Characters
Main Antagonists
Other Characters



Enemy Description
Creeper A creature created from the shadows, the Dark Woods is filled with these. Watch out for their sharp claws as they can come from anywhere.
Lurker Some sort of a big brother to the Creepers, a Lurker is a tall and more malicious creature. It seems like Creepers find trust in Lurkers, although they often come out later during a fight.
Diver When going underwater I noticed that the shadow creatures from above also adjusted themselves to the waters. They still have their menacing claws, but in addition to that can even swim.
Unicornius On first sight a majestic animal, until you find out that it is seeking blood. It is very fast and can pierce you at high speed, dodging skills are needed to defeat this horse.
Harpy One thing I didn't think would show up were flying demonic creatures. They wear a little armor and are equipped with bow and arrow while they roam the skies with their tiny wings.
Satyrium A spawn from Hell, the creature literally emerges from a demonic portal and starts attacking you by using its dark horns which also can shoot dark falmes.
Blood Bat Small, yet dangerous creatures. They often are sleeping in trees or caves but awaken when smelling blood. They lunge at you at high speed and drain your blood!
Treek This things loves to jumpscare. It is a tree-like creature that hides itself between real trees and attacks when you're passing. They have reckless attacks and can be quite hard to even hit.
Blue Phoenix Usually I think of red flame birds when thinking of a Phoenix, but this one is blue, the flames of the Underworld. They can leave a burning effect once they attack you with their blue flames.
Tarantulax Quick and deadly these are. They walk on all eight legs to quickly advance to you and inject you with their deadly poison. They also shoot webs that entrap you. Luckily their weak spot is indicated with a large 'X' on their back.
Dragonflux One of the larger flying creatures here. They seem to be made out of wires, which are uncommon in the Dark Woods. They can electrify themselves and damage you or shoot down a lightning blast.
Terrapigs These gross pink creatures can dig their way into the ground and quickly advance to you with a headbutt from underground. They may also sneeze rocks at you, so be careful.
Chimera A most peculiar creature with three heads, one of a lion, one of a goat and one of a snake. This thing is dangerous as it has three kinds of attacks. The lion growls sonic blasts, the goat breathes fire and the snake shoots acid. In addition it has wings to slightly hover above the ground. Such a drag.
Minotaur One of the strongest creatures I encounters, and one of the more humanoid. It seems to be a half-human, half-bull that wields a giant axe to attack you with. It is rather slow in attacking but its movements are fast, so watch out.
Bandersnatch This big and reckless animal can deal massive damage with its crunches, scratches and headbutts. However have you tried riding on its back, it is very effective.
Jubjub At first they seemed like harmless creatures, until I got close and frightened them. They unleash sonic screams which gives a high-pitched noise in your ears.
Night Wolf More fearsome creatures than the Lurkers, they always reside in dark places to not be spotted. The only way to see them is by following their purple glowing eyes. Luckily they appear weak, hence why they are such sneaky creatures.
Seaweed I don't know whether this is just my imagination, but the seaweed underwater seems to try and get a hold of me so I can't continue...
Shackle Swimming in the water are big shark-like creatures decorated with heavy chains that they use for attacking you. They can rapidly attack you, despite it not dealing too much damage.
Hammerhead A brother of the Shackle is the Hammerhead who has a head shaped like a hammer. They are somewhat slower but their slams are deadly.
Foil The third one of the group sports a giant foil-like horn at its top. It rushes at you underwater to pierce right through. Dodging is important this time around.
Grim Haunter Hein is not the only reaper around as there are skeletons dressed in black cloaks with a simple scythe roaming around ready for a fight.
Plague Remnant I saw the orbs flying around over the fields, try to keep your distance from these as they will poison you big time. Projectile and long range attacks are adviced for this one.
Rockin' Poorly disguised as rocks with moss on them these golem-like creatures quickly awaken to attack you. They are strong and can control the earth around them, creating earthshocks etc.
Mummoid Coffins are lying around through the woods which seem to be inhabited by the evil spirit of the mummy inside. The coffin is hard to break but when you do the mummy is rendered powerless and easy to kill. However watch out for the laser from the coffin when it is still in one piece.


Top 10 Reports

The collectible pages return once again in Dark Woods IV. There are a total of 12 pages to be collected throughout the game, returning to the same amount as the first two games as opposed to the 7 pages in the third game.



  • This is the first Dark Woods game to have an active role in the New Fantendoverse, although the events of Dark Woods III were already leading up to this with the involvement of The Enemy.
  • For the first time Nostradamus doesn't seem to be the main antagonist of the game, rather it is The Threat this time, although through Eight.
  • Dark Woods IV features the most amount of playable characters ever, being 7 in total.
  • It also marks the first time a transcript is written for a Dark Woods game.

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