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Main Protagonists

Dark Woods

Character Description
Lynn and Ryder

Better known as the Two-Headed. They are the first bosses fought in the first game. They were regular twins who had wandered into the Dark Woods and got abducted by Pan and modified by Lamia into a cojoined twin making them Two-Headed. In the fifth game it was revealed Lamia had taken inspiration from Mary & Sue who were born as cojoined twins. They are energetic twins, Lynn being often very happy and doesn't really think before acting while Lynn is more serious and can be quite depressing.

After being defeated by Hein in the first game, Lamia collected their remains and formed them back together. In the second game they acted as the vessel for Gemini. After the events of Dark Woods II they returned back to their realm and turned back normal and continued living their lives as normal middle school kids.

Their names were confirmed by DarKingdomHearts and are never mentioned in the games.

Distressed Doll

The Distressed Doll is the second boss fought in Dark Woods. She is made of a wooden doll with the organs, veins and more making her able to live as a somewhat real person. She also is given a big white French wig. After she was defeated in Dark Woods Lamia placed her insides into a new wooden doll.

In Dark Woods II she was used as the vessel for Scorpion. After she was driven out of the body she was kept save. After the events of the game she returned back to her own realm and transformed back to how she looked before. She continued at her job of being a teacher afterwards. She sees herself as a dignified woman who barely makses any mistakes and finds herself to be very food with children, although no one can counter that argument.

Chorus Clown

The Chorus Clown is the third boss fought in the Dark Woods. When he wandered into the Dark Woods he was abducted by Pan and Lamia disfigured his face, stretching his jaw line giving him a huge mouth out of which he could produce sonic waves. He is unable to speak in this form. After he was defeated by Hein, Lamia collected him.

In Dark Woods II he acted as the vessel for Cancer. After being driven out of the body the Chorus Clown was brought to a safe place. When he returned to his realm he reverted back to his original form and took up his job again as a lawyer. When normal he is a nice and jolly man who likes to joke while as the Chorus Clown he is mute and creepy, saddened because he can't communicate.

Mr. Seemore Mr. Seemore is an old man who was fishing at the docks of the swamp. He seemed vegetated to the dock, he has a rotten appearance and reeks of fish. He tells Hein about the Swamp Monster who killed all the residents of the swamp or turned them into swamp monsters themselves. He himself seems to have disappeared later in the game perhaps hinting that he too had been taken by a swamp monster not long after his conversation with Hein.
Swamp Colossal

Called the Swamp Monster by some. He is the boss of the swamp level in the game. It is a giant pile of vegetation from the swamp with a wooden mask acting as its face. The colossal has no personality of its own and just terrorizes the seamp, having killed most residents or turned them into swamp monster, except for the Swamp Nymphs. It was revealed that Plague Master had created the start of the Swamp Colossal and it grew itself afterwards.

The monster returned in Dark Woods IV where it was revived by Isis who also had taken control of it. The battle is similar as to in the first game despite being much more challenging.

Madame Willow And old willow tree who has the voice of an old lady. She literally acts as the level itself and grants Hein the ability to shrink to a small size with the help of bug milk. She holds residence to multiple insects inside of her which act as bosses inside of her. She returns in the fifth game where it is revealed she is at the center of the thick forest. Hein and Ligeia enter the forest to chase down Spine. She helps them by lighting up a trail to Spine's location.
Beetle One of the insects that resides inside of Madame Willow.
Ladybug One of the insects that resides inside of Madame Willow.
Centipede One of the insects that resides inside of Madame Willow.
Wise Old Frog Also known as the Old Hermit in Dark Woods II, the frog creature is an NPC that helps Hein through his journey. He grants him the ability to breathe underwater in the first game. He reappears in the second game where he gives him advice in the Sakura Park, having ended up there by accident. He also appears as one of the people inside of the circus tent in Dark Woods IV, but lacks any importance in the game.
Edward Heartrust A resident of Eden who survived the attack of Plague Master many years ago and began living in the Echo Cave with his daughter. However he lost her at some point although he can't remember when. It remains unknown if he was able to reunite with his daughter.
Amelia Heartrust She is the boss of the Echo Cave and the daughter of Edward. She has Lunar Energy and headed into the cave when Plague Master attacked. Because of the isolation she lost her sanity but regained it after fighting Hein. She grants Hein with Lunar Energy (which later naturally developed into Nocturnal Energy) and said she would manage to find her father once again.
Demon Dwarfs These are seven demonic dwarfs that roam a closed off mine in the Echo Cave. They are secret bosses who only can be battled when Hein has levitation and neon vision. They are a hint towards the Snow-White freak in the second game. Their original house also appears in the second game.
Hein & Lily's Mother She is the mother of Hein and Lily. They appeared in a flashback in several games but never really made an appearance. She seems to be absent towards her children.
Hein and Lily's Father He is the mother of Hein and Lily. They appeared in a flashback in several games but never really made an appearance. He seems to be absent towards her children.
King of Eden King of Eden is the father of Pan. He is, as his title says, the king of Eden. He cheated on his wife by seducing Lamia. When his wife discovered she punished Lamia instead of her husband. He was the first one killed by Nostradamus when he destroyed Eden. He had a somewhat prominant role in Dark Woods V.
Queen of Eden Queen of Eden is the mother of Pan. She is, as her title says, the queen of Eden. She is a woman who really loves her husband and is quickly jealous. When the queen discovered her husband was seducing Lamia she decided to punish Lamia by ripping out her uterus so she could never have children.

Dark Woods II: New Woods

Character Description

Winifred who is better known as the Bearded Woman. She appears as one of the freaks brought into Dark Woods in order to become a vessel for a Starchild. She has been in the Dark Woods the longest and was sewn a beard to her face by Lamia. She gets possessed by Pisces in the Fossil Woods. She is freed from him by the heroes and later returns to her dimension with the others, getting rid of her beard.

In Hollow Remnants her name was first revealed when Hein and Ligeia decided to visit her home, as she is retired. Hein hoped to discover if she knew where the bad dreams of the Dark Woods might come from, and she said it was his guilt and that only he could get over it. She is a compassionate woman who likes to help other people and is very much down to Earth. Even when possessed she managed to fight back because of her strong urge to be kind.

Joyfull Juggler

The Joyful Juggler is one of the people who wandered into the Dark Woods and was modified by Lamia, sewing his eyes shut basically making him blind. He was more confined than the others and didn't make his appearance till the second game. He acted as the vessel for Libra in Sakura Park. After he was freed he got safe and later returned to his own dimension with the others, having regained his sight again.

Like his title also says he is a very joyful person and always managed to keep this up. He is loud at times and maybe even annoying but he is a person who always stays positive. He seems to still be attending high-school.

Tenacious Tamer

The Tenacious Tamer is the first boss battled in the second game. She wandered into the Dark Woods and was modified by Lamia who replaced her hand for a whip and accidentally scared her face, making it look like she has nose hairs. She is possessed by Leo and takes residence in the Maple Woodlands. After she is freed she gets safe and later returns to her dimension with the others, restoring her body.

She is a laid-back and no-nonsense woman. She doesn't like to get ordered around and always wants to do things her way, the good way. On Earth she holds a job as doctor at an animal clinic, despite her young age of early 20's.

Scorching Smile

The Scorching Smile is another wanderer in the Dark Woods who was scorched for life when half of his face had caught on fire by Pan. It knocked him unconscious which allowed Lamia to insert a fire stone into his throat so he could breathe fire. He is possessed by Capricorn and hid out in the Swamp, which really was part of the Dark Woods. After being freed he got safe and returned home with the others afterwards and lost his scar and fire breathing.

He is a tough man who likes to display his manliness. He thinks high of himself but isn't an asshole about it and actually is very nice once you become his friend, otherwise he might be somewhat rude towards one.

Snow White

Snow White is the stage name given to a young woman who wandered into the Dark Woods. She seems to be rather normal, but was turned into an albino by Lamia using many pigments. In reality she is a dark skinned woman with long black hair. But Lamia made her skin white making it look like china, dyed her hair white and her eyes changed to red as well. She is a vessel for Sagittarius who takes her to the Enchanted Forest. After being freed she returns to her dimension and reverts to her natural colors again.

She is a quiet and shy girl who is a big bookworm and usually discloses herself from society.

Aries is the main Starchild and usually takes the lead. Hein was supposed to be his vessel, but because they failed at capturing Hein he was quest to bring down Hein himself so he could possess his body. He frequently checked in with Plague Master about the status of the Starchildren. He adores Plague Master and supports his plan on getting the Nova powers as he knows for which cause Plague Master wants to use it. He is the last Starchild to be defeated in the square after finishing the last three woods. He says that Plague Master's plan will succeed either way and with that vanishes. He leaves behind his scythe for Hein. Like Hein he also is able to control darkness, he can submerge himself into the shadows and enhances his scythe with dark matter.
Taurus is the fourth boss fought and marks the first "checkpoint". He is battled after the first three woods are completed. He is an agressive man who immediately charges into battle without questions or conversations. He was supposed to embody Rai as a vessel but now has to claim it for himself if he wants to life. He fails in the end. He fights with a large morning star and seems to have terrakinesis.
Gemini is one of the bosses of the second batch of woods unlocked. He is the Starchild that possesed the Two-Headed and went to the Haunted Woods where he hides in the manor at the top of the hill. Thought being a formidable foe who can make replica's of himself and simply uses a dagger was weapon. He was weaked as his duplicates were killed throughout the manor. Despite him being a Starchild he is one of the most innocent ones and actually does not wishes to do all this. He wanted to become a real person and not inhabit a vessel, and with that he stabbed himself, commiting suicide.
Cancer is one of the bosses of the second batch of woods unlocked. She takes possession of the Chorus Clown and located herself in the Arctic Woods where is seems to be eternal winter. She is a serious person who spends lots of time meditating and always remains calm. When she dies it was revealed she knew little about Plague Master's plan but wished to live in her body a little bit longer and couldn't accept herself dying now. She fights using two giant claws as weapons which she mainly uses for scratching. These claws come with the ability to manipulate ice.
Leo is one of the first bosses who can be battled. She takes possession of the Tenacious Tamer in the Maple Woodlands. She introduced the heroes to the concept of a Starchild, explaining who she was. She is a serious woman who is really focused on the mission and displays little to no emotion. She seems to be ashamed when she lost as she shook her head when dissolving. She fights using a large yo-yo with a buzzsaw at the end of it. Leo herself has the ability to jump very high for targeted attacks.
Virgo is the eight Starchild to be defeated in the game. She is the Starchild fought after completing the second batch of three woods. She is in the intersection there waiting for the heroes to return. She has to claim the body of Lily in order to survive as she was supposed to be her vessel. She told that Plague Master was draining their life force already and in a vessel they would be able to keep on living. As she was defeated she hinted that killing them would only speed up Plague Master's plans. Although she is an antagonist there seems a soft side about her that wants to do the good thing but tries very hard at being a bad guy. She wield a large sceptar with which she can perform magic, mostly relying on wind and bubbles.
Libra is one of the last three Starchildren to be battled in the game before Aries. She takes possession of the Joyful Juggler and resides in the Sakura Park. Like some others she is a quiet and laid-back person, however tries to not look at things in a black-white perspective. She already seemed to have accepted her fate and probably knew almost all the Starchildren had fallen by now. She engaged combat and lost revealing that she at least died for a noble cause and not in vein. She fights using a katana which has a libra at the holster. At times during the battle she will stop and start using her libra. The action menu must be used to select the button that says 'deflect' to prevent a huge amount of damage.
Scorpio is one of the bosses of the second batch of woods unlocked. She possesses the Distressed Doll although she really dislikes the freak she was coupled with. She claims herself to be the most deadly of the Starchildren. She really wanted to live and did not agree with the plan of Plague Master as seven people had to give their life for one. However this was all because she found it unfair she didn't get to live, as she doesn't care about others. She attacks withs a giant whip with a sharp point at the end. She has the ability to inflict poisonous things into her opponents.
Sagittarius is one of the first three bosses to be battled in the game. He possesses Snow White, him not really caring what kind of gender his vessel has. He has a particular power to temporarily change his body into that of a horse for a speed dash. He fights using a bow and an arrow. He is a no-nonsense guy and hates to hide truths thus tells that the Starchildren were hired by someone and that inside of the vessels their lifeforce was extracted instead of themselves and that they could live forth in the vessels. He just did as he was told to do and didn't really care for death.
Capricorn is one of the first three bosses to be battled in the game. He has takes possession of the Scorching Smile and takes residence in the Swamp. He acts like a very wise guy and refuses to release any intel on the plans of Plague Master except that is for a noble cause. He thinks high of himself but also likes to mock his opponents. He wields a ring which has hydrokinesis powers. He has a great degense with his horns.
Aquarius is one of the last three Starchildren to be battled in the game before Aries. She took possession of Ligeia and went down to the Submerged Forest. She has the special ability to transform her legs to the tail of a mermaid. She is a happy-go-lucky girl of which one can wonder if she even knows why she is doing this. She is very nice towards the heroes and provides them with such information that the group can conclude that Plague Master is behind all this instead of just Lamia. She fight them against their will and died. She wield a trident with which she can fire lightning.
Pisces is one of the last three Starchildren to be battled in the game before Aries. He possesses the Bearded Lady in the Fossil Woods. He thinks very high and mighty of himself, considering himself to be smarter than anyone else. He is very selfish and says he will get what he wants. He made a deal with the group that he would tell why their lifeforce was needed if they could beat him. He lived up to his promise for once and told it was to make Lamia's dream come true. He fights using scimitars and has the ability to mimic the moves that the heroes make.
Swamp Chief The Swamp Chief is the father of Jane. He has some lines in Dark Woods II and provides the group with some information about the renewed swamp and how some other swamps drifted into the original swamps enlarging their tribe. The Swamp Chief returns in Dark Woods III as a supporting character in the swamp village and as one of the people in the circus tent in Dark Woods IV.
Maid A maid who comes from the dimension of the Haunted Woods. She is alone with the Butler and the dog because the owners just happened to go on vacation.
Butler A butler who comes from the dimension of the Haunted Woods. He is alone with the Maid and the dog because the owners just happened to go on vacation.
Polterdog A small little ghost dog who leads the group through the Haunted Woods.
The Woodcutter A man who resides in the Enchanted Forest and aids the heroes in defeating the Sagittarius while he is in Snow White's body.
Red Riding Hood A character who resdies in the Enchanted Forest dimension and lives at her Grandmother. She is a secret playable character if the player goes back to the Enchanted Forest they can look for Granny's house and she will tell that she just defeated the Big Bad Wolf and wants to join the group.
Grandmother A supporting character in the Enchanted Forest who was being attacked by the Big Bad Wolf but saved by Red.
Rapunzel A woman who resides inside of a tall tower in the Enchanted Forest who guides the heroes where to go.
Jack A boy who lives at the bottom of a beanstalk in the Enchanted Forest and guides the heroes upwards to Sagittarius.
Yeti A Yeti who resides inside of an ice cavern from the dimension of Arctic Woods who provide the heroes a save haven.
Shaman Tribe A tribe of shamans who live in the dimension where the Rainforest is from. They play no prominent role in the game aside from telling the party about the Starchild and being a safe haven before entering the Rainforest.
Professor Artimo From the dimension where the Fossil Woods is from he is a professor in a safari outfit who was doing research during the Shattering.
Dr. Jaspenon The doctor who accompanies Artimo and does deep research on fossils.
Geisha The Geisha was being attacked by Libra in Sakura Park but got saved by the Jade Warrior.
Jade Warrior A lonesome warrior from another dimension who is a capable fighter. She managed to hold back Libra for a good amount of time and thanked the heroes for getting rid of her in the end. She was defending the Geisha.

Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns

Character Description
Spirophobia A young monster that resides in the Dark Woods with unknown origins. She inhabits all the fears and also attacks with them. She is the first boss to be fought in the game. When she is defeated she releases the mental disorders into the Dark Woods which are special optional enemies to defeat in order to get a special something. She is a mute girl with a trademark habit to be scary.
Hermit Snail An old snail who used to run the Snail Village till Slime took over. During Dark Woods III he took over for a short time when Slime travelled along with Hein and the others. He returns in Dark Woods IV as one of the NPC's residing in the safe haven, the circus tent, along with other residents.
Punk Slug Punk Slug is an aggressive slug who works under Ashley. He was tasked with collecting the blood of Hein when Ashley noticed that he has entered the Dark Woods to which he happily obliged. His head was severed by Hein during his fight against him. He was the second boss of the game.
Anglerfish A simple Anglerfish who resides in the Luminous Lake. He had swallowed a conch that Hein had to collect, after a fierce battle he dropped the conch but it was taken by Mors who suddenly apepared out of nowhere. The Anglerfish remains alive underwater.
Poltergeist The Poltergeist appears when the heroes are in the Echo Cave. The Poltergeist keeps stalking them as they try to find a way out. He keeps chasing them down till the exit where he pulls them into his pocket dimension. There he is defeated by the heroes and vanishes.

Dark Woods IV: Descend

Character Description

Hollowing is a character who first appeared in Dark Woods IV: Descend as one of the revived beings that were locked down in the Gate. He used to live in Eden under the name Cupid, named after the Roman god. He is a man who fell in love with Petia, but never had the guts to tell it her and she ended up as the one who got away as she started dating Finn. This all is shown during the events of Dark Woods V: Freak Show. Cupid however discovered something terrible about Finn and wanted to tell Nostradamus before he was killed by Finn. In DWIV, he is a boss summoned by Eight from the Gate with the help of Isis. Rai battles him and makes Hollowing understand what real love means and that he was blind to not see it. Hollowing accepts his fate and moves on as a spirit.

Chickember was previously simply known as Ember, and had her stage name: Ember the Chick Woman. She was born with Seckel syndrome which caused her to have a very short stature, a small head, a narrow bird-like face with a beak-like nose, large eyes with an antimongoloid slant, a receding jaw, large ears and mild intellectual disability. She was killed in Dark Woods V on accident in a fit of rage from L'Orme. She resurrected in Dark Woods IV by Eight and Isis and regained newfound intelligence but suffered that she was a chicken now. She fought Ashley and after being defeated reveals that she always wanted a chicken farm instead of being one herself and hopes that Eden can be a peaceful place once again before she ascended to the sky.

Jaco is the spirit that possesses an empty vessel of an unknown resident of Eden/Dark Woods. In a previous life he lived as Helix, who was known as the Human Pincushion with skin so soft one could stab through it with anything without him sustaining any injury. He was one of the most famous performers in the act until his death. Afterwards he became a spirit that possessed a vessel in Gate because his own body was unholy. He appears as a boss in Dark Woods IV where he fights Lily and gets defeated by her. He ascends to the sky after a failed attempt to possess Lily instead.
Mask Maker

Mask Maker
The Mask Maker is a mysterious person who roams in the Dark Woods and has done so even when it was still called Eden. He is the creator of the masks that were introduced in Dark Woods II: New Woods and have been major artifacts throughout the games. He is said to have DNA of every deity and inserts them into masks to give them special abilities once a person puts them on. He is a secret boss in Dark Woods IV and a humanoid version of him appears in Eden in Dark Woods V although it is not confirmed whether this is him or not.

Dark Woods V: Freak Show

Character Description
Sugar Sugar goes by the stage name the Sugar Plum Fairy. She is a ballet dancer who was born without eyes and a nose and instead has a giant mouth that covers most of her face and resembles that of an ocotopus. She sees similar as how bat see, sending out sonar waves that cover the area. Her act is a beautiful dance show which usually also is the opening act. She is the youngest member in the circus and develops emotions for Nostradamus.
Mary & Sue Mary and Sue go by the stage name the Two-Headed. They are conjoined twins who share the same body but have a heart and brain of their own. They usually are seen as the main act of the freak show because their appearance is very weird. They sing duets together on stage and live a glamerous life at the freak show. They usually seclude themselves from the others during the day for unknown reasons.
Scarlet Scarlet goes by the stage name the Triple D. She is a woman who was born with three breasts, suffering of the Accesory Breast disease, which gives a woman an additional breast. Because of this she was always seen as an object of lust and in the end also began to accept that, suffering from nymphomania, having a constant urge for sexual desires. She has a platonic secret relationship with Finn that nobody can find out about, especially when Finn starts dating Petia.
Helix Helix goes by the stage name, the Human Pincushion. He is a man with a peculiar skin which no one ever came to discover how it was possible. He can stab sharp objects through his skin without sustaining any injury (think regular swords tho). He also calls himself the Immortal Man but no one acknowledges that. It was later revealed he also is a masochist and likes to inflict pain on the guest who takes out back. He has somewhat of a temper and acts very mysterious.
Adrian Adrian goes by the stage name, the Legless Acrobat. Adrian is born without any legs which allowed him to build up lots of arm muscle. He is somewhat of a macho man and usually hangs out with Goliath because of their shared strength. He is an acrobat who performs high in the air and performs lots of tricks. Despite this he is often overlooked by many.
Ana Petite Ana Petite simply goes by her own name when on stage. She is one of the freaks who doesn't do any acts, but instead provides the artists with their supplies and usually brings water and snacks, something she really doesn't mind to do. She is a timid lady who dislikes to be cuddles and picked up, unless it is for long distances. She strives to do everything on her own, not wanting help because of her height.
Johnson Johnson goes by the stage name the Magic Albino. He is an albino man, his skin being completely white with platinum blond hair and deep red eyes, which some mistake for demonic eyes. He has spend his life dedicated towards magic and is the ultimate illusionist. He also is the oldest one in the freak show and a long time friend of L'Orme. He however sees that things on the inside are not going well and in fact are declining.
Goliath Goliath goes by the stage name, the Strongman. He is an exceptional strong man who performs by lifting incredibly strong objects. He is a huge macho man, evne more than Adrian. What he truly hides however is that he is a gay man and fancies Helix. However he is too ashamed to reveal his sexual orientation and hides behind his manly behavior.
Elizabeth Elizabeth goes by the stage name, the Bearded Lady. She is a young woman who has developed a thick beard. She'd like to cut it off but knows that it is grown back by the end of the day. Elizabeth is a huge bookworm and usually is found reading books at the freak show's lounge. She also is very interested in insects and likes to study them. 
Salt Salt goes by the stage name, the Pinhead. Salt was born with microcephaly, a medical condition in which the brain does not develop properly resulting in a smaller than normal head. Salt intellectual disorder and is quite short. She knows no shame and does anything she wants but gets frightened easily. She is incapable of speech and only squeels. She is reduced to being a juggler, an act she is surprisingly good at.

Larry goes by the stage name, the Lobster Boy. He is born with ectrodactyly which causes him the absence of multiple central digits of his hands. He doesn't have an act on his own but announces every act to come and is the main voice of the freak show. Larry however is controlled by L'Orme who raised him since he was a baby. He looks after the freaks and makes sure they follow the rules. However once Nostradamus enters he begins to be less obedient towards his adoptive father.

Scheherazade Scheherazade goes by the stage name, the Three-Eyes Fortune Teller. The third eye or inner eye is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. None believed it to be true until Scheherazade was born with a third eye. She is in contact with the spiritual world and also is a clairvoyant. She does not perform in the show itself but has her own tent next to the main tent where visitors can get their future told for a small price. She is the voice of reason in the circus but also misleads people when needed to.
Jolly Jolly simply goes by the stage name Jolly the Clown being the only freak with an act who uses his normal name, even though it is unknown if it is his real name. He usually performs alonside Pinhead and performs the regular clown tricks and does funny little sketches. Although he is always seems happy he suffers from a severe bipolar disorder. He usually is mania when he goes on stage but afterwards falls into a deep depression again. When he is depressed he also will not perform.
Ember Ember goes by the stage name of the Chicken Girl. She is She was born with Seckel syndrome which caused her to have a very short stature, a small head, a narrow bird-like face with a beak-like nose, large eyes with an antimongoloid slant, a receding jaw, large ears and mild intellectual disability. She is put on stage from time to time but the people in the freak show often neglect her or use her as servant. The only ones that seem to care are Johnson, Shera and Ana Petite.

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