Dark Tails Kirby
Dark Tails Kirby
Dark Tails Kirby's sprite
Gender Male
Species Combination of Kirby, tails and dark liquid
Location Dark Factory
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Jumping off-screen and dropping cannonballs on mario, Kicking a shell at mario
Ability/ies To fly like tails and puff like Kirby
Vulnerable To Being hit by shell
Dark Tails Kirby is a boss, he appears in Super Mario Bros. Chrono X, he is actually a combination of Kirby and tails and Dark Liquid who was accidently combined by being blasted by Mergerator 5000


Dark Tails Kirby looks like Kirby with Tail's Ears and Forehead hair, and tails' 2 tails, he has green cheek colors and looks more gray.

Super Mario Bros. Chrono X

He appears as a boss, when the Mergerator 5000 Accidently activates and blasts kirby and tails and dark liquid, Dark Tails Kirby was born, and he runs off to the Dark Factory, Mario and the group tracks him down to the Dark Factory, after passing through every levels in the Dark Factory, Mario and the group goes into the basement, the Door closes and locks, the lights goes on, Mario sees some weapons invented on tables, it was actually Dark Tails Kirby who invented them himself, Mario battles Dark Tails Kirby, in the boss battle, he would attack mario by jumping off screen and launch cannonballs from offscreen that would fall on mario, after dropping cannonballs 5 times, he would jump back on-screen and kick a shell at mario, if Dark Tails Kirby waits too much long, he would jump back off-screen and the shell would disapear, he will do his first attack again, after dropping cannonballs 5 times, he would jump back on-screen again and do his second attack again, mario must grab the shell and throw it at Dark Tails Kirby and he would be damaged, this method must be repeated 5 times to defeat him, after being defeated, he will initiate his death pose and turn into a black hole, thus bringing tails and kirby and Dark liquid back to normal, the black hole disapears. and he isn't seen for the remainders of the game, after the final boss is defeated, he can be replayed again.

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