Dark Souls IV is an action adventure JRPG developed by From Software and Simple Studios,it is the 4th installment in the Dark Souls franchise and the first to be co-developed by Simple Studios.


Dark Souls IV takes place in the kingdom of Rotharcc. The kingdom has been frozen over due to the death of the Lord of Cinders. You go here in seek of a cure for your curse of the Undead. You then meet a wraith simply known as The Hierophant who is capable of curing the curse. In exchange for the cure You must rekindle the Heart of World. T'o reach it you must defeat the '20 Servants' of The Storm and claim their Frost Gems. TBC


Similar to Dark Souls III, fast travel is available from the beginning of the game provided the player character fights and slays The Greater Direwolf at the Castle Ruins.

A new major feature in Dark Souls IV are Amulets. Amulets are equippable items obtainable from bosses that bestow unique effects upon the player,these range from AoE attacks to temporary spirit minions who attack enemies vicously to general buffs. Amulets can be activated either passively,by uncontrollable effects like taking damage or rolling or activated by the player. 


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