Dark Shadow Kirby is the semi-final boss for Kirby 64 DS The Shadow King. He is also titled "The Shadow King".
Shadow Kirby 003

A Hand-Sketch of Dark Shadow Kirby.

It is the normal "Shadow Kirby" but with the crystal heart in his septer. With the Dark Matter Generator in his septer, he morphed into "Dark Shadow Kirby" He has a gray color to his body. With a Dark tiara generating shadow fog and hairy hands with claws that rip through matter. Dark Shadow Kirby also has two "Wings".(They are just two golden poles sticking out of Dark Shadow Kirby. The poles generate shadow goo and fog to create "Wings")The tiara has two curved points with balls in the center and two spikes. His septer generates dark matter by a dark crystal as the shot piont and a crystal heart as a generator. Dark Shadow kirby's power is also used by Kirby as a copy ability. The Copy ability is called Shadow.

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