The Dark Schneiders is a criminal organization in the video game Super Paper RPG for the Nintendo Wii. Founded and headed by Denthrahir, this tribe of criminals and thieves like to stick together by the motto, 'There's saftey in numbers.' Their normal turf is the area around Biene City. Although the gang is technically headed by Denthrahir, the real orders come from Empress Timeblazera. Members of the Dark Schneiders can be easily recognized by their uniform colors - black and red. They also say that they "guard" Biene City from rival gangs, including the Koopa Troop. Mostly, they are out at night.

Supreme Leader

Denthrahir - A Pianta.


Atrill - A Koopa Troopa

Other Members (in order of rank)

McLeod - A Goomba.

Ilan - A Lakitu.

Artemis - A Toad.

Dun Ringill - A Cheep Cheep.

Zaynar - A Hammer Bro.

Narthabe - A Dark Koopatrol

Blarn - A Bandit.

Spofle - A Boo.

Tristin - A Magikoopa.

Aragorn - A normal Koopatrol.

Burgan - A Black Yoshi.

Dante - A Mouser.

Habuso - A Paratroopa.

Osprey - A Shy Guy.


"There's saftey in numbers."


Black, Red.

Frequent Locations

Area around Biene City.

Headquarters/Base of Operations

Dark Schneiders Headquarters (Unknown Location).

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