I hurt so bad inside, I wish you could see the world through my eyes.
Dark Scar

Dark Scar is the main protaganist of the Dark Scar Series.
Dark Scar
Dark Scar In Battle Sprite
Full Name Dark Scar
Current Age unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Gender male
Current Status Alive
Class King
Family and Relations
Dark Sword
Main Weapon(s) Dark Sword

Red Aura

Ability/ies Aura Slash

Aura Blast Electric Aura Hell Bomber

Dark King
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Dark Scar: The New King
Dark Scar With Sword

Dark Scar with sword


Dark Scar wears the mask of the Dark King and a red hooded cloak.


Wearing the mask of the deceased Dark King gives him control of the Dark King's Army. After Dark Scar traveled to the Temple Of Aura in search of the Dark King's Sword, he was consumed by Red Aura and given the ability use the Red Aura to inflict pain on his enemies in multiple different ways, such as Aura Slash, Aura Blast, or the strongest of them all, Electiric Aura Hell Bomber, with just one catch. Red Aura uses the life from the user to inflict pain onto the users enemies, meaning that Dark Scar will lose health every time he uses the aura's power.