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Dark Samus (Super Smash Bros. Golden Eclipse)

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Dark Samus
SSB Metroid Series
Availability Unlockable
Series Metroid
First Appearance Metroid Prime (2002)
Home Stage Phaaze
Final Smash Dark Laser


Dark Samus is a main antagonist of the Metroid Prime series. She is a combination of elements from Metroid Prime, Samus Aran, and Samus's Phazon Suit. She appears in all three of the Prime games, although her appearance in the first Metroid Prime was only in a brief cut scene. As she is an incarnation of Metroid Prime, Dark Samus is a primary antagonist of the Prime series.
Source: Metroid Wiki


- : Phazon Cannon - TBA (TBA)

> : Phazon Spreader-  TBA (TBA)

^ : Phazon Boost -  TBA (TBA)

v : Dark Echo -  TBA (TBA)

F : Dark Laser -  TBA (TBA)

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