Dark Raider is the eighth boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is the leader of the Cyborg Alien army on the show Space Odds, where Rexes hires him to build a Doom Laser to destroy the galaxy.


Dark Raider has an army of Cyborg Aliens, and tries many ways to destroy the galaxy. Rexes later came to his world to let him use a Doom Laser that will vaporize the galaxy completly. Dark Raider accepts Rexes's weapon but it needs to charge before it can fire.

When Dark Raider heard that the SSFF are in Space Odds to stop him, he sends his army to destroy them. The SSFF defeated the Cyborg Aliens and battled Dark Raider at the Doom Laser which is almost fully charged. Dark Raider loses the battle and right before his Doom Laser fires, Tubby accidentally drops his sandwich into the machine.

The Doom Laser malfunctions and selfdestructs, sending the SSFF back into the TV Dimension safely. But Dark Raider meets his end as he hurls into a black hole.

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