Dark Presence
TV Series Super Mario Show
Season Number 1
Episode Number #24
Writer(s) Brock Dilley
Airing Date(s)
March 2nd, 2013
Basic Plot
When Kamek tells the bros and Bowser that a dark power is present, they find an intruder...
Runtime 12 Minutes
Preceding Episode Whacka Wildlife Reserve
Following Episode Dark Evil

"Dark Presence" is the twenty-fourth episode in the first season of the Super Mario Show.


When Kamek tells the bros and Bowser that a dark power is present, they find an intruder...


In a regular day in the castle, Mario and Luigi get a Koopagram from Kamek, alerting them of a big trouble. They quickly arrive, and see Bowser. Kamek begins to tell them that her magic stew has detected a great evil nearby, but another koopa rushes in and spills it everywhere. Before Bowser can punish him, he says that a Mushroomgram has appeared, speaking of a mishap.

Mario, Luigi, Kamek and Bowser rush back to Peach's Castle, and she says that a Mushroom citizen has alerted her of an inposter. Mario jumps around, seaching, but Peach says that the toad also says he never leaves the house. The group splits up, but to no avail. Everyone is out of their house.

Luigi begins to falls asleep on a chair, but Mario wakes him up and reminds him that this is serious. Just then, Toad appears and says he found him. Suddenly, a large glob of glue appears and hits Toad, making him start to disentigrate. Mario and Luigi gasp as he turns to dust.

Afterwards. they begin to run and try to find Bowser, who was to the North. After seeing him, they are surprise to see him holding the remains of a crumbled Kamek. Bowser says that he is going to crush whoever did this, when suddenly a cloaked figure appears with a cannon.

Mario jumps up to attack him, but the figure just shoots him, and Mario instantly disentagrates when he hits the ground. The figure then aims his cannon at Luigi and Bowser...



  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Bowser
  • Peach
  • Kamek
  • Figure


  • Toad
  • Random Koopa