Dark Micool to Oxus, in Yukimazan Adventure Series

Dark Micool.

Dark Micool is the dark form of Micool the Master. It is said if he has all 7 Chaos Emeralds at the time he is feeling hatred, enraged or reminded of the death of his father he will obtain this form. His skin turns black and his fists turn blue. His sword turns red and so does his eyes. His strength, speed and agility is increased to a maxium level which he cannot control also meaning he cannot control himself and will shown no mercy in battle. This is also his Ultima Form.

Ultra Dark

Micool's special item in Fantendo Kart Ultra involves Micool turning into Dark Micool as well him floating, shrouding his cart in a dark shield and causing lightning to hit players randomly (turning them tiny and making them go super slow).


  • It is uncertain if he had all 7 Chaos emeralds at the time.

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