Dark Luna
Developer(s) Hasbro, Reaper Games, Nicalis
Publisher(s) Reaper Games
Platform(s) DarkReaper, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One.
Release Date(s)
Team muiltplayer, single player.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Dark adventure-shooter
Series N/A
Media Included Reaper Floppy, Nintendo Disc, Blu-Ray

Dark Luna is a amazingly difficult MLP isometric action game. In this game, Princess Luna must defeat Queen Chrysalis and destroy the Elements of Disharmony.


In this game, Princess Luna discovers that the Elements of Harmony are stolen, and they have been replaced with Elements of Disharmony, to think that they wouldn't notice. When Princess Luna discovers this was the work of Queen Chrysalis, she goes on a pursuit after her.


Your main weapon are two gunblades. They act like swords, but you can also shoot them. This is a list of unique moves you can do with those 2 gunblades.

Name Description of Move
Luna Gatling Summon a star wand shaped gatling and shoot bursts of 3.
Sniper Rifle Pull out your gatling, and charge to fire a laser. Max is 4 damage.
Luna Grenade Throw a bomb with the essence of moon magic. Max is 3 damage.
Compact Rivet Shoots a stream of bullets that are suitable for medium range
Death Sentence of Celestia (Secret) Upgraded version of Compact Rivet, always goes straight, and you can turn the shots. Shoots up to 50.
Conqueror (Secret) Shoots 12 homing grenades. Grenades do 3 damage.
Neutron Bomb (Secret) Shoots a orb, which pulls enemies in and explodes.
Gatling Spinner (Secret) Throw a spinner whichs shoots bullets in a spiral.
Maximum Strike (Secret) You summon 6 lasers. One laser does 6 damage and pierces enemies. A maximum of 36 damage.

Unlockable Characters

Name How to Unlock Special Abilities
Twilight Sparkle Get the Magic Shard Cannon to defeat a boss Ricocheting laser
Princess Celestia Get a sunny window to defeat a Changeling Vampire Spread shot
Discord Use Neutron Bomb on a hidden Discord statue Spinning shield, corrupt plasma
Queen Chrysalis Beat Queen Chrysalis without dying. Cloak, laser avenger,
Adagio Dazzle After you beat Queen Chrysalis, instead of leaving hop out the open window, and complete the secret level fighting the Dazzlings. Singing gun, dragon sidekick, attack waves.
Sunset Shimmer Someone's hiding in the gates of Queen Chrysalis's castle. Use Adagio Dazzle's singing attack to make her appear. Sunlight plasma, demon transformation, Sunset Shooters.


There are a total of 80 stages. (TBA)


People have considered this is a kids version of the Binding of Isaac. Here's why.

  • Their both dungeon shooters
  • Nintendo Hard - You get only 1 live to clear a stage. When you die, it's game over.
  • Items you get make your stats go up or down.

Glass Cannon: Princess Luna can take down dozens of mobs with various weapons quickly, but dies after 5 hits (there is a 2 second post-hit invinciblity)

Nintendo eShop rating

Star Rating: 4.77

Which type of person is this suitable for?

Everyone: 13%
Gamers: 87%

Which type of play is this suitable for?

Casual Play: 11%
Intense Play: 89%

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