Dark Kirby is the doppelganger of Kirby, he was made by dark matters, infects everyone with darkness that comes from his star rod


Dark Kirby dons on a top hat, he is colored black like shadow kirby, and he appears to hold a star rod


"You can call him Dark Kirby NUMBUH 2 but it is made in Dark matters and infects persons with darkness, onto something you will describe him wearing a top hat, colored black, and holds a star rod, you have no escape as he will be a bounty hunter to find you everywhere, along with tramping up old peoples who tease him.​" - ​Game Manual of Super Mario Chronos. X

Game Appearances

Super Mario Chronos. X

He appears as a boss in this game, he makes his debut in the game himself, he was made by possessing a top hat, after possessing a top hat, he reveals his star rod and himself, after mario encounters him in the wilderness, he was killed during the outlet, he appears as a ghost by the name : Dark liquid, he appears in the Outlet of the dark factory, when accidently combined, Dark Tails Kirby was born, in the combination of him, he was used to make dark tails kirby more grayer and have green cheek colors (in the beta, Dark Kirby had green cheeks). after being defeated, Dark Liquid was released and gets destroyed

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