Dark Kirby
Dark Kirby as in 2D.
Current Age 1 (He's a dopple)
Date of Birth 8/18/10
Gender Male
Location Hell
Current Status Defeated as with the Dark Star X.
Class Villain, Dopple
Dark Star X
Main Weapon(s) Abilities he copies
Ability/ies Inhalation, any powers he gets from his victim
Kirby's Dopple
First Appearance Kirby Deluxe Journeys: The Dark Star X
Hey! Call me Dark Kirby! The name Ybrik is already taken!
Dark Kirby

Dark Kirby is an evil Dopple created by the Dark Star X, and is led by OiramOiram12345 and YbrikRedir. He is a killing machine, but known to kill anyway!

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