Dark King Boo
Dark King Boo as depicted by Ziegs (tbc).
Full Name Dark King Boo
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Dead
Class Dead, Dark
Koopa Troop
Family and Relations
King Boo and Ludwig
Main Weapon(s) Dark Boos, Dark Balls,
Ability/ies Summoning Dark Boos, Throwing Shadow Balls and Turning into a Shadow.
Vulnerable To Light
Ludwig, King Boo, Spider Piranha
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Sunshine

Dark King Boo, sometimes called King Dark Boo, is a dark version of King Boo made in Ludwig's laboratory. Ludwig had the idea to make a dark version of him after he saw a Dark Boo enter his lab.

First Appearance

He is going to appear in New Super Mario Sunshine as a boss. He uses Dark Boos and blue flames to attack you, and eventually he will try to follow you. Face the opposite direction and then ground pound when he's close to you; do this three times and he will die.