Dark JoJo

Dark JoJo

Dark JoJo is the final boss of Skip and Sqak 2. It is a giant puppet entity of JoJo who attacks SSFF at the Dark Iku Palace over the wish bubble.


As the gang escaped the stadium with Dr. Tron, JoJo tries to catch up only to crash into a barrel supply of Dark Iku, most likely killing him. However, at the Dark Iku Palace, before the gang can wish themselves home JoJo reveals that the Dark Iku absorbed inside him and turned him into a vicous demon. He then attacks SSFF trying to kill them to stop them from foiling his plans to conqure the universe with his dark powers.

SSFF managed to defeat Dark JoJo, only for them to get grabbed by the claws of the twisted monster. Before JoJo can kill the heroes once and for all, the Blue Ants fired the Light Iku beam to destroy the Dark Iku Palace. JoJo gets caught in the beam, and gets electrocuted and vaporized which ends the evil chameleon's evil plans and himself for good.

JoJo's Death

JoJo meets his destruction.

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