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Founder(s) DarKingdomHearts
Founded at/in January 2015
Headquarters Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Area(s) Served The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, United States, Suriname
Owner(s) DarKingdomHearts
Dark Heart Games is a company founded and owned by Crispycol. The company first was brought to light in early 2013 but officially became a company in January 2015. Dark Heart Games has worked on various Nintendo games but has become an individual company which focuses on and older audience and involves more open world RPG-themed gameplay.

The company started with many fanon games mainly based on Nintendo games, primarily the main fanon games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. They also have a Mario & Luigi game which is worked out very well. They did some other attempts at various fanon games before completely switching to original games.

The company made its best series with Dark Woods of which the first game was received very well, leading up to three sequels, a novel and being integrated into the Fantendoverse. The succesfull game serie was followed by one shot video games like One Life (which never reached completion) and Know Your Body, until it came to its next success the Doom Dome Battle series which spawned a total of five games.

Once there was a game called Scheherazade in process, but got scrapped for unknown reasons. Currently the company is developing three new games. The fourth title of the Dark Woods series but two new games as well; Terror Terry which is hinted to play a part in the Fantendoverse, on what scale is unknown, and Candy Adventures which, like Know Your Body, is seperate from the Fantendoverse.

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