Dark Floro Sapien
Dark sapien
A Dark Floro Sapien, the strongest Floro Sapien of them all
First Appearance Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Related Species
Floro Sapien Magma Plant Frosted Weed Floro Sandapien Golden Floro Sapien
Notable Members
Floro Sapien's
A Dark Floro Sapien is a sub-species of the normal Floro Sapien. Though much much tougher. They were seen in one game.Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover in world 7, the final world. Mario needed to get through the old dark cavern and find his way to the end to stop the source of the overgrowth of plants and new floro sapien species before it was too late.


These floro sapiens are the toughest and most powerful. Though have weaker attack than the Golden Floro Sapien's charged attack of 10 damage.

HP- 30

Attack- 8.

Defense- 4

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