• Dark Entities is an Upcoming American-French anime-like animated mature comedy action-adventure series focusing on the misadventures of a demon hunter and his friends. It's pilot aired on YouTube in 2013 and will become a full series in October of 2016 premiering on Halloween Night on Adult Swim. It will have a TV-MA Rating for mature content,violence,sexual references and bad language.


  • Alexander Grebin,Voiced By Steve Blum-Alex is a sarcastic epitome of demon hunter characters in various animated series and is an alcoholic demon hunter taking after his father's legacy. His personality is inspired by Dante from The DMC Series and is a more sarcastic version of Dante.
  • Samuel Peabody,Voiced by Micheal Bell-Samuel is a kind-hearted innocent child raised by a terrible father. He often swears due to his father saying it and is whilst we don't see it abused by his dad for "being a worthless piece of crap".
  • Alice Keyes,Voiced by Natalie Portman-Alice is Alex and Sammys Sexy Secretary for their Demon Hunting agency. She has a child too but she raises her kindly and fairly unlike Alex who is a terrible father.
  • Lord Harland Grebin,Voiced by David Hayter-Lord Harland is the only living relative of The Grebin Family and so is a guardian and a caretaker of Alex who was taught his demon hunting ways. He takes interest in snooker,gaming and playing on casino machines due to his gambling habit.


  • So far it has been confirmed by Adult Swim it'll run for four seasons mainly having anime-like arcs such as one having Samuel avenge his dead pet dog by killing the demon that killed it and being subsequently of in a comatose state.