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Dark Empress Ballgum By STM
Dark Empress Ballgum is an alternate dimension variation of Gumball Watterson. She seeks to destroy every multiverse and become the almighty being.

She first appeared in a project known as Gumball: Double Trouble, but it was never finished. Two years later, MeGa eXal (tbc) (her creator) gave Exotoro (tbc) permission to use her in one of his games, Grand Theft Gumball.

Ballgum is currently being revamped for the Vicinity Saga. She is now the leader of an entire faction of "Recolors", who seek to replace the "original characters".

Relationships with Other Characters


Gumball Watterson

Ballgum understands that she is an alternate version of Gumball, and knows that he can be a danger to her because of this. Thus, she investigates him by all means available.


Because he is the leader of Team Legacy, he is seen by Ballgum as someone she must destroy at all costs.


Ballgum and Julie are planned to do something together in the saga, but it will not be revealed at this time.


Master Hand

Master Hand isn't very much of a threat to Ballgum, but since a lot of her recolor legions were based off of the Super Smash Brothers, she wants to get rid of them as well.


Ballgum is secretly afraid of Tabuu, possibly because of his Off Wave ability.



Umbra is one of the two characters that evolved from Ballgum, so they have a fierce rivalry.

Queen Nebula

Same as Umbra.

The Threat

Ballgum wants to steal the Fantendoverse from The Threat, so they go to war.


Ballgum fears Virus due to his desire to destroy everything, and doesn't want to lose the three multiverses to him.

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