The Dark Destroyers series is a series of crossover Fan Games that was started by Red Inc. This series is sort of like Sonic Speedball RPG: The Series except Fantendoverse characters are also in the games. This series is also not in a RPG-style. The story begins in the first game of the series, Dark Destroyers, where an evil force of darkness sweeps over the Nintendo and Fantendo worlds. This darkness is not defeated in the first three games of the Dark Destroyers series, but in Dark Destroyers II, the darkness's army starts to weaken, and is finally defeated in Dark Destroyers IV: The Hero's Last Stand. The dakness's army's name was said to be "The Warrriors of Night" back in ancient times. But now their name has been changed to "The Shadow Knights of Moonlight". This army is ruled by El'asor, the creator of the "Dark Force", an organization.


Companies Involved

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