Dark Corners was a horror/science fiction fan fiction series written by Indi555. It took place in The Fringe of the Fantendoverse and featured twisted mirror versions of famous Fantendo characters. It was divided into six story arcs, mostly unrelated, until the last arc, which ties them all together. It makes numerous references to both Requiem of Darkness and Dark Purple, as well as Something Evil This Way Comes, which also takes place in The Fringe. Reception to the series was mixed, with some enjoying it and others claiming that it strived too hard to be "dark and edgy", leading to the series's eventual cancelation. Little was heard about the series until it was announced it was being rebooted on June 14.

Part 1: Killers

Theme Song: Don't Fear the Reaper

Dark Corners: Redux

Dark Corners: Redux is an attempt to reinvent the series in a way that, while still retaining a moderately dark tone, will not got blatantly overboard with angst and violence. Okay, maybe some angst. The first episode is set for release some time in the early summer.

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