Dark Bowser X is the semi-final X Boss in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X by MarioMario54321. He was created when MM54321's doppleganger, OiramOiram12345 merged with the pure power of the rest of the dopples, Dark Bowser, Bowser X and the Dark Star X. After OiramOiram12345 failed to destroy existance by merging the unstable Dark Star X with the Light Star X, it's counterpart, he ordered Dark Bowser, the Dark Star X, and Bowser X to follow him. Mario was sent to spy on them, and found out that Dark Bowser was the real Dark Star, then the villians were merged with the power that made the counterparts have red eyes (X),and Dark Bowser X was created and he stoped on Bowser. The heroes fell out of the castle and Mario explained to them what happend, then Mario was givin the power of the Light Star and the Light Star X and fought Dark Bowser X. The battle lasted until Mario was killed. The villans were happy, but the heroes were sad, until Mario said, "That...that...was...PATHETIC!" and grabbed Dark Bowser X's tail and through him into a bomb, then Dark Bowser X ordered the Dopplegangers to destroy the bombs remaining on the arena, but Mario recived the Fire Flower X from MM54321, and defeated the monster with X fireballs.

Dark Bowser X

Dark Bowser X

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