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Dark Bowser
Dark Bowser
Full Name Dark Bowser
Current Age Old as time
Date of Birth The beginning of time
Gender Male
Species Dark Koopa
Location Dark Bowser Kingdom, Dark island
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) mainly dark powers
Element(s) Moon Darkness
Latest Appearance Super Mario HD/3D
Current: Dark King
Past: Moon god
Family and Relations
Light Bowser (Brother)

Dark Bowser is a dark version of Bowser though he is not related to him at all. Dark Bowser appears in the game Bowser's inside story and the fanon games below.

Dark Bowser's story

Dark Bowser and his brother were born at the beginning of time. Dark Bowser was the moon god and he moved the moon across the sky while his brother, Light Bowser was the sun god and moved the sun across the sky. But over time Dark Bowser grew more bitter because he thought it was unfair that people and most animals get to do stuff in the day and have to sleep at night. So one day Dark Bowser would not let his brother move the sun across the sky. Light Bowser then kicked his brother out of the skies for breaking an ancient law. Today Dark Bowser is known as a villan and is seeking revenge on his brother that kicked him off all thoes years ago.


Super Mario World 3D

Dark Bowser is the real final boss of this game. He throws dark meteors from the sky at the player and spits blue lava balls at them. He can pound the platform, causing it to lose balance, as well as warp across the battle.

Super Mario HD/3D

Dark Bowser does not actually appear in the game, but he is Bowser's tranformation after regular Bowser is defeated by Mario.

Super Mario Bros.: Fury Combined!

Dark Bowser appears as the final boss of this game. He is found in World 8: Bowser's Castle.


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