Nightmare Papercraft King: Dark Batman (Dākunaito Shikōgei-Ō: Burakku Battoman ダークナイト紙工芸王:ブラックバットマン?, lit. Dark Night Paper-craft King: Black Batman) is the second Papercraft King boss in Animela Papercraft Monsters and the holder of Darklight Papercraft Star. He was actually Batman who was berserk and corrupted by Joker's deadly experiments.


Initial form

When Animela and Bowser heads to the Gotham Tower, Batman appears only still berserk before Joker taking over Batman's mind and handles the Papercraft Star. However, Joker's plan was foiled because of Batman's transmutations and forcibly fuse the Joker into hideous Papercraft Monster; Dark Batman. When Animela and her Papercraft allies manages to damage an fused Batman/Joker, the monster sheds his first papercraft skin and revealed his true form.

True Form

The monster sheds into his second papercraft skin, but casts off Joker's papercraft skins and fell into the ground, unconsciousness. The monster roared at them and flew into the sky and destroys the floor. He was later defeated and turned back into normal, leaving only Darklight Papercraft Star was dropped.