Developer(s) Reaper Games, Solaris Engineering
Manufacturer(s) Reaper Games
Product Family Reaper Family
Generation 8th
Storage 400 GB
Release Date(s)
March 2012
Discontinued December 2020
Best selling game Capella series
Media Reaper Floppy
Reaper Portal, DarkStream.
Predecessor LightReaper
Successor NightReaper

DarkReaper is a new 8th generation console that features ideas that no console has had.

Reaper Connect

With Reaper Connection, people can use Reaper Build-It to make their own games. They have to pass judgement or else they will get blammed, kind of like Newgrounds.

Under Judgement: TBD whether protected or blammed. People could whistle if it's illegal, malicious, stolen, etc.

Verge of Death: Only a few more votes before blammed.

Good Score: A high score

Awesome Score: A very high score


Daily Reaper: The game that is submitted with the highest score

Weekly Review Pick: A game that has the highest score from the reviews.

Reaper Ranger: Highest difference between score and reviews.

Weekly Reapers Choice: A weekly game that is submitted with the highest score.


Your game may not be a ad for your site!

Your game must not be stolen from someone else, we'll delete it.

Do not swap your original entry with something totally different.

Your game must not be illegal, or malicious!


DarkStream is like Twitch, except you can livestream in a console, and do gaming inside it..


Your livestream may not be an ad for your site!

You may not livestream pictures in a slideshow format.

Do not livestream illegal things such as piracy and pirated software. We WILL contact the FBI!


When you purchased a DarkReaper, you got a game called Capella, Princess of the Galaxy, and most often people make games using Reaper Connect.