DarkGaming Studios is SuperSonicDarkness' company, and owns the characters of Lectro,Mewshi, and some others. 


Main Characters of DGS

Characters Owned by members of DGS

Image Name Owner Notes
LectroYE Lectro SuperSonicDarkness First character made by Dark.
Mika Mika Sho SuperSonicDarkness None
MewshitheDinocat MNASOTGF Mewshi the Dinocat SuperSonicDarkness Bought from YF97 after YF97 said he wanted to delete Mewshi & his cast (this happened around the time of the recolor "war")
Takashi 1 Nyntendo X/Takashi Yvetal First character in the company not owned by Dark.
YErubberYE Rubber L-PF

more to come!

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