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Darjeeling, her cooking is gooooooood
Durian, Super Paper Bros.

Darjeeling is a female toad in Super Paper Bros. She is a great cook and smart women. She is also the Secretary of Defense of Flower Kingdom. She is loving and caring, and also has a hidden skill, fortune teller. She also fortold the prohecy of the Legendary Seven Yoshi Kids. Shes is also an optional partner, she will join the team after Mario & Co. cook everything and fills her cook book. she will say her terms as Secretary of Defense has ended and joins the party.


Pan Smack

Pulls out a Pan smashes an enenmy in the face, causing 7 damage.

  • 0 FP
  • Intial


Heals the entire party. 20 HP

  • 7 FP
  • Intial


Cooks something for Mario.

  • 2 FP
  • Super Rank

Mega Mushroom

Grabs a Mega mushroom and enlarges herself, boosts attack by three for three turns.

  • 2 FP
  • Ultra Rank


  • It is rumored that she and Trust E. are related some how.
  • Darjeeling is also Asian tea which her name could be derived from.

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