DARE Shattered
As he appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Full Name Dare
Current Age Ageless
Gender Male
Location Risk Sanctuary
The Fan
Ability/ies Teleportation
First Appearance Fantendo Dare
Latest Appearance Fantendo - 100 Floors

Dare is a deity working for The Fan, performing tasks for The Fan that he would prefer to not interfere with himself. He lives in his own pocket universe, the Risk Sanctuary.

His first major appearance in the New Fantendoverse is in Fantendo - 100 Floors, acting as the story's main antagonist, where he is supposedly responsible for trapping the Fantendoverse heroes in the Risk Sanctuary.

He has a group of underlings known as the Daredevil Quartet; a group of four creatures he came across whom he uses to do his dirty work when he can't.

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Dare, as his name suggests, is a daredevil, seeking out new challenges regardless of the danger. He enjoys the adrenaline rush you experience when your life is at risk.

Dare interferes with the lives of mortals at a higher frequency than many other deities, picking particular mortals to bring to his sanctuary to test their abilities. He uses this process to identify potential heroes to help combat any threats of universal importance.

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