The shifty shapeshifter's basic human form.
Full Name Dara
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Non-binary, uses female pronouns
Species Shapeshifter
Align  ???
Current Status Alive
Variety, necklaces, shrimp
Monochromatic themes, The Fan and The Enemy (?)
Ability/ies Shapeshifting, producing wavelengths and colored light
Sexuality Polyamorous pansexual
First Appearance Fantendo - 100 Floors (2016)

Dara is a mute shapeshifting character who debuts in Fantendo - 100 Floors as a main character, a mysterious entity who joins one of the groups when Unten and Leah stumble across her on Floor 3, trapped behind a glass wall.


Dara is a non-binary shapeshifter who most often takes the form of an olive-skinned human of average height and crimson hair, and the only defining trait in each of her forms is a singular purple eye. She has various different forms that have been seen in the game, including, but not limited to: a serpent, a feline (not unlike Lucky), a Beorn, a Magma Sentinel, a creature resembling Who Cares, a creature resembling Firball, a Catonean, a Sparkling, a Doomuli-esque creature, and a ladybug. Each of these look completely different from each other and have no ongoing traits outside of the singular purple eye.


Dara has many personalities, each defined by whatever form she takes: destructive, bloodthirsty, nervous, flirty, sarcastic, passionate, you name it. In her general human-based form, she is innocent and curious, fond of tricking people with her shapeshifting powers, and she is very playful around those she likes the most — in this case, Unten and Leah.


Dara's primary ability is, of course, her ability to shapeshift into any kind of creature: she can even take on an almost exact replica of a living person (as shown when she shapeshifts into various characters at Leah's request (Rachel, X-Ray, Unten, Reese, Xerox, and Strafe are all shown). She can also transform specific body parts at will, most particularly her arms and legs, mostly to use as stretchy or huge weapons.

Dara also has a secondary power, to create bursts of colorful light that explode when they contact skin; depending on the color, the light has wondrous effects. It also looks pretty.


Leah Needlenam

At first, Leah is in awe of the shapeshifter: despite having met one before, she has never met one with such strong abilities. With that said, she doesn't fully trust her, and is somewhat suspicious of her motives.


Unten is friendly to this stranger, and he's somewhat trustful due to her innocent demeanor.




  • The character's concept was based off of Judge, an antagonistic shapeshifting character created by Shadow Inferno (tbc).
  • Her design was partially based off of Chara from Undertale, as well as Coraline from the animated movie with the same title.