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Dapper in Slaughterbus Forever
Full Name Dapper
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Class Space thief
Family and Relations
Slaughterbus (friendly rival)

Jeo (friend?)

Main Weapon(s) Grenades, blaster, fully armed spaceship
First Appearance Slaughterbus Forever

Dapper is a thief living out in space, scavenging for rare loot to sell off. Even though she's willing to lie and cheat, Dapper has respect for those who can face off with her and enjoys the thrill of the fight moreso than the wealth or infamy of being a well-known criminal.


Dapper is a tall beige-skinned alien with one eye and dark brown hair. Most of the time, she wears a large piece of armor shaped like a handlebar moustache over an orange dress, a top hat and monocle, black pants, and two large gauntlets with floating fingers and holographic projectors.


Dapper takes pride in being known as a scoundrel, often overacting to keep up appearances. Even though she's a crook, she has genuine respect for those who outdo her, and often befriends such people like Slaughterbus and Jeo.


Dapper has been a thief since a young age, pickpocketing for her own gain rather than helping those in need. For years she worked for the highest bidder until being double-crossed by a client who got her imprisoned. Now on the run, Dapper looks to get payback.


Slaughterbus Forever

Dapper is one of the prominent NPCs in Slaughterbus Forever. First encountering her is based mostly on luck; she'll appear in one of the hub worlds and steal items from the player. Upon being defeated once, Dapper will begin appearing on a set schedule.



These two get along decently despite Dapper constantly trying to steal from Slaughterbus. After a while, it just becomes a sort of test of skills.


Seems to go way back with him. Dapper tends to tease Jeo about a myriad of subjects, including his crush on her (which she seems to be aware of but has never actually talked much about) and his past hobbies.


  • Dapper's mustache-themed design is the result of a suggestion by Sr.Wario (tbc).