Danny the Werewolf
The Wild Rebel without Cause
Full Name Daniel Zouko Parsley
Current Age 15
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Werewolf
Location Transylvania
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Biker of the Rockabilly Wolves
Family and Relations
Elvis Zouko Parsley (Father), Kid Dracula (Best Friend), Ramses (Friend), Molly (Friend), Frankie (Friend)
Rock N' Roll
Main Weapon(s) Steel Pipe
Ability/ies Howling, Jump on Walls
Vulnerable To Scissors
Dan, Punkster, Kid Werewolf
First Appearance Kid Dracula: Castle-Mania of Monsters
Latest Appearance Kid Dracula: Castle-Mania of Monsters
Series Kid Dracula


Danny, sometimes known as Kid Werewolf is the best buddy and friendly rival of Kid Dracula and son of Elvis the Werewolf, he is a Rockabilly Werewolf that rides a bike. He is part of the Monster Squad, along with Kid Dracula, Ramses, Molly and Frankie. He is a rebel and fiercest but has a loyalty to his friends.