Danny's Adventure has 40 levels-5 in each of the 8 worlds. This is a list of all levels.


Level Name Description Stickers
1-1 Rose Garden The first level of the game, the name of the level is the same as the world. It is a basic level that is intended to teach the basics of the game, and as such features weak enemies such as Jows, Flaphappies, and Rocky Rogs. This level also introduces things such as Slides (essentially the Pipes of the game), Power Bottles (specifically the Beam Bottle), and collectibles. Completing the level gives you access to the orld map and shop.
  • Danny
  • Sammy
  • Jow
1-2 Meadow Highways The second level of the game, the main hazard is the cars that Jows haphazardly drive. Stepping on a sleeping car will send it racing. In addition, some of the level takes place on raised planks that act as walkways. However, Plankwalks frequently patrol these planks. As opposed to the Beam Bottle from the last level, this is the introduction of the Flame Bottle, which becomes the main bottle of the world.
  • Car
  • Plankwalk
  • Flaphappy
1-3 Drip Drop Path The third level of the game introduces water physics, where players can practice swimming through overgrown puddles in a forest. Mizops and Soarvis make their introduction in this level as well in terms of enemies. Part of this level has the heroes riding on a boat, which is their introduction to vehicles as well. The Water Bottle is found here.
  • Boat
  • Mizop
  • Soarvi
1-4 Jows On Flying Carpets The fourth level of the game. This level is unique because there isn't much space to fight on; instead, the heroes are carried around by a giant carpet in the sky. Many Jows wielding objects like balloons and other carpets act as obstacles in this level. This level is also unique in that it features different routes that can be taken.
  • Balloon Jow
  • Rocky Rog
  • Carpet Jow
1-5 Kindletorch Fortress The fifth level of the game, this level is also the first of many fortress levels that the players will encounter, signifying the end of a world. Danny and the group will enter this tower in search of more info on the missing citizens. Traiknites guard the tower as well as mysterious candleflames called Torchards that follow the players. At the top of the tower, a fight will ensue against the first of the Jow Captains, wielding flame powers.
  • Jow Captain
  • Flame Bottle
  • Torchard
2-1 Sewer Sweepdown The sixth level of the game, this level takes place in an underground sewer, where Danny and the other ended up after the fight. They try to exit the underground in search of the Seam Seeker, but they have a long way to go. The main gimmick is using a switch to raise and lower the water; this allows you to reach and dive into new heights and lows. However, unlike the last water level, the sewer water is murky and the players can only swim for so long before they take damage. After accessing this level, the shop will be temporarily gone.
  • Switch
  • Screech
  • Flame 
2-2 Underground Tracks The seventh level of the game, this level takes place aboard a giant train moving at high speeds. Players will alternate between the interior of the train and the roof of the train cars in order to reach the control center, where they can change the direction of the train to take them to the exit of the sewers. Enemies such as Toplars will be guarding the way and eventually shift their focus to the control center, meaning you'll have to defeat them all. This level is the introduction of the Wing Bottle.
  • Train
  • Toplar
  • Flight
2-3 Rooftop Rumbles The eighth level of the game. Now that our heroes have exited the sewers, they are greeted into the suburbian area of the world by extremely large skyscrapers. After a quick ride in the train, players will be tasked with climbing to the top of the skyscrapers and walk across, as most of the road is broken off. The climb isn't easy, as players must go through a gauntlet of enemies to unclog the elevator and then make leaps of faith across gaps and spikes.
  • Traiknite
  • Spikes
  • Wing Bottle
2-4 Pluffy's Chariot Track The ninth level of the game. This level introduces Animal Helpers, friendly creatures who assist you through levels. The Animal Helper you find in this level is Pluffy, a small dog with cloud ears. These ears can grow and change shape at will; normally Pluffy will form a Cloud Chariot for you to drive at high speeds and make risky jumps.
  • Pluffy
  • Cloud Chariot
  • Clip
2-5 Takeflight Fortress The tenth level of the game, and the second fortress in the game. This fort is unique in that it has just as much outside interaction as it does inside, and makes heavy use of the Flight Bottle that was found earlier in the world. At the end of the level, another Jow Captain resides; this time, he controls the power of the wind.
  • Sticker
  • Jow Captain 2
  • Flight Panel
3-1 Seabay Port The eleventh level of the game, and the first level of the world. Following a small cutscene where Danny has once again boarded the train, the playable characters land in a port area where they must help coast guards clear the area of water enemies. It reintroduces the Water Bottle as the main powerup.
  • Salamon
  • Golden Guard
  • Torpeden
3-2 Bright Boat Cruise The twelth level of the game. Players must make sure to visit the shop to get a boat before visiting this level; otherwise they won't be able to cross and are forced to go back! Once they do, you're free to leave the boat on a journey to find the next tower. The space on the boat is rather small, meaning that swarms of Torpeden that attack you have the advantage. You'll even have to dive underwater a few times to collect some loot.
  • Seaweedle
  • Water Bottle
  • Gargeel
3-3 TeleBox Bay The thirteenth level of the game. Unlike most levels, which are mostly straightforward platforming, this level requires a lot of backtracking as numerous puzzles will be solved in order to fix the boat that has crashlanded on the island. Players are introduced to TeleBoxes in this level; special warp points that will take you to different rooms. Teleboxes will help you cross from island to island.
  • Crabby
  • Scuba Jow
  • TeleBox
3-4 Scubamarine Field The fourteenth level of the game is split into two parts: a Scubamarine section, and a nighttime section. The first half has players controlling Scubamarines, special submarine ships that have increased travel speed in water. Scubamarines can also fire torpedoes at enemies. The second half introduces the other Animal Helper, Mewn. Mewn's eyes glow in the dark and she acts as a flashlight for seeing the platforms and stunning enemies.
  • Scubamarine
  • Scubapedo
  • Mewn
3-5 Sandcastle Fortress The fifteenth level and the fortress of the third world. This level is primarily based around stealth as the fortress is filled with Sandimannys, hefty guards who, if they catch a playable character, will throw them outside of the fortress. At the end of this section is a long climb, which leads to the fight against the third Jow Captain.
  • Jow Captain 3
  • Sandimanny
  • Rage Sun
4-1 Swing King Rapids The sixteenth level starts the fourth world with a jungle theme. Many vines around the level help the heroes get through a poisonous swamp area, where simply swimming through it will slowly drain your vitality. To make matters worse, new enemies called Vinkeys appear, swinging around on vines and messing with your balance.
  • Water
  • Lightning
  • Vinkey
4-2 Wicked Web Wilds The seventeenth level of the game. Danny and Sammy must ride on a web pulled by new enemies called Spatzers in order to get through the poisonous swamp once more. New enemies include the notorious Pollen Plants, who can stun or poison any character through contact, and Rinkles, keyhole like enemies that must be jumped through to continue on.
  • Pollen Plant
  • Spatzer
  • Web
4-3 Scrambled Brambles The eighteenth level. Platforming skills are put to the test here as there is very little platforms and thorn bushes cover a majority of the screen. The protagonists must carefully climb and jump from vine to vine in order to make it through. The TeleBoxes return once more in order to carry the heroes throughout the level.
  • Vine Heroes
  • Hopping Heroes
  • TeleBox
4-4 Spatzer Swarm Dash The nineteenth level exploits a 2D character's weakness of being stuck in the background. A giant swarm of Spatzers slowly approaches from the left of the screen, and simply touching it will automatically defeat you. Rather, the players must walk through zipholes to walk behind the background and stay safe.
  • Spatzer Swarm
  • Water Bottle
  • Thunder Bottle
4-5 Vinecross Fortress The twentieth level and the last of World 4. The level, like the rest of the world, has a large focus on vines. However, the area is much more dangerous than normal because there are spikes covering the fortress. At the top of the tower is the 4th Jow Captain, wielding the power of Lightning.
  • Jow Captain 4
  • Anton
  • Vine Ladder
5-1 Mountain Climbing The twentifirst stage starts you off in the mountain world. This stage is unique in that it is the only autoscrolling stage in the game (not counting missions) as it scrolls vertically. As such, players will have to climb up ledges and avoid falling enemies to beat the level.
  • Granity
  • Climbing Heroes
  • Giga Rog
5-2 Mountain Hammer Ledge The twentisecond level of the game is widely considered one of the most difficult due to the Mountain Hammers; very large mallets that strike up and down in holes at amazing speed. This level introduces the Chrono Bottle and Chrono Switch, which must be used to slow down the hammers in order to get through.
  • Mountain Hammer
  • Chrono Switch
  • Chrono Bottle
5-3 Mine Cart Ride Mayhem The twentithird level of the game features mine carts across a bunch of tracks that must be riden in order to progress. However, other mine carts patrolled by Jows will attempt to stop you. Mewn makes another appearance in this level, guiding you through pitch black caves that you may encounter.
  • Mine Cart Kids
  • Empty Card
  • Golden Medal
5-4 Rush Riding Slope The twentifourth level of the game looks rather bland at first; it mostly appears to be a diagonal incline from left to right. However, Pluffy here can use the Rush Bone to turn into Rush Pluffy, allowing you to dash through at high speeds. This powerup is near necessary if you want to avoid the falling Tumblerogs and lava streams.
  • Tumblerog
  • Rush Bone
  • Rush Heroes
5-5 Volcanic Fortress The twentififth level of the game. The fortress of the 5th world is nothing to laugh at, with more Mountain Hammers causing pillars of lava to rise and fall, as well as particularly annoying enemies called Polarguins chasing after you. With skill and grace, you should be able to fight the time-controlling Jow Captain at the top and win.
  • Time
  • Jow Captain 5
  • Mine Cart Jow
6-1 Fluffy Puffy Floats The twentisixth level of the game, now taking place in the clouds of World 6. Here, Danny and Sammy are introduced to the Chill Bottle, which lets you freeze the enemies. This level is covered in clouds and features many optical illusions. It also brings back the carpets from the fourth level.
  • Chill Bottle
  • Cloud
  • Carpet Heroes
6-2 Himbus Hurricane The twentiseventh level of the game, the titular Himbuses are the main hazard of the level. As the level takes place in the winds of a hurricane, naturally it will be tougher to advance and easier to fall back. This can become especially troublesome with the Himbuses, who have to power to create gusts of winds, as well as later on in the level when the floor becomes slippery like ice and Ski Jows are oncoming.
  • Himbus
  • Breezy Heroes
  • Ski Jow
6-3 Foggy Flyby The twentieighth level of the game, Animal Helpers are once again present in this level; particular Pluffy, who will make the use of the second bone power-up: the Float Bone. With the Float Bone, players can spin around at high speeds to clear fog and cross over extremely large gaps. They must be quick with their navigation, however, as the power is timed, and the new spinning Twirlhappies will surely be a nuisance.
  • Float Bone
  • Float Heroes
  • Twirlhappy
6-4 Rinkle Ice Rink The twentininth level of the game. Ice terrain is a lot more prominent in the level, and as such is used as a rather basic level in order to get the player used to the new physics. It makes use of the new ski jumping ability to create a maze of slides, where heroes must jump through all the Rinkles perfectly in order to continue.
  • Freeze
  • Rinkle
  • Polarguin
6-5 Chillstorm Fortress The thirtieth level of the game takes the ice physics and turns it up a notch, as it mixes in new fire elements such as Torchards and Polarguins that can melt the very floor you stand on. It also features a racing segment where players must avoid a spiral of snow by skating quickly and jumping through Rinkles. The 6th Jow Captain is found here, and they wield the Freeze powers.
  • Jow Captain 6
  • Skating Heroes
  • Carpet Heroes
7-1 Deepdragon's Lake The thirtifirst level of the game. Players are now within the seventh world, Challenge Falls. Challenge Falls is a unique world in that it is almost entirely spent on a raft that slowly whittles over time, so the player has very limited space to fight back enemies. Furthermore, falling into the deep water is an instant loss. This level introduces Deepdragons, very powerful enemies that spit flames across the screen, attempting to burn the raft.
  • Deepdragon
  • Battle Heroes
  • Challenge Raft
7-2 Gnawser Waterfall The thirtisecond level of the game. The Challenge Raft now has escalated up one waterfall, and the next foes that you must face are the Gnawsers. Gnawsers are known for their sharp fangs that can chew through anything, and if left untouched they will eventually tear your raft apart. The player's job is to get rid of all the Gnawsers in order to survive. After unlocking this level, the shop is no longer available for the rest of the game.
  • Gnawser
  • Panic Kids
  • Sticker
7-3 Octoperior's Trench The thirtithird level of the game. After ascending another waterfall, the next trial will immediatly appear in the background: an Octoperior. Octoperior are by far the largest enemies in the game, surpassing even the Mountain Hammers. The two tentacles in the foreground will try to rock and tip the boat while the Octoperior spits water blasts, so careful footing is required to continue.
  • Octoperior
  • Tentacle O
  • Lava
7-4 Midnight Horizon The thirtifourth level of the game. This level is essentially a "boss rush" of sorts; however, rather than fighting bosses, players are forced to fight hordes of every single enemy in the game up to this point after ascending another waterfall. The challenge is made even more difficult by a weight limit, meaning that if there are too many enemies on the raft, it will stop. This can be extremely troublesome as there is another Spatzer swarm following you.
  • Cannon Jow
  • Invinci Bottle
  • Invinci
7-5 Sea Meteor Fortress The thirtififth level, and the last fortress in the game. After ascending yet another waterfall, the raft sinks into safer waters, where players are forced to be hasty and careful at the same time, as there is no way to surface and catch breath, with tons of enemies on your tail. You will encounter the Beam Jow Captain at the bottom, who will use his powers to raise the tower, forcing you to swim back up. This Jow Captain fight is unique because it features a meteor shower effect.
  • Jow Captain 7
  • Beam Bottle 
  • Beam
8-1 The Jow Factory The thirtisixth level of the game. This level is the first part of the last world, and has an emphasis on Jows. As such, they are the only enemies you find here, and there is even a friendly Jow Captain who joins the conversation. Players must be wary of the plethora of enemies and use the TeleBoxes to grab enough keys to reach the twin towers.
  • Jow Captain 8
  • Super Beam
  • Super Flame
8-2 Twin Tower Infiltration The thirtiseventh level of the game. The player must climb two very tall twin towers in order to solve a puzzle that will let you enter Seam's Castle. Mewn makes its third and final appearance in this level, allowing you to navigate the dark towers with ease.
  • Super Lightning
  • Super Water
  • Super Freeze
8-3 Seam's Castle The thirtieighth level of the game. Danny and Sammy have finally reached Seam's Castle, and now they have only a few more trials left to complete! This features tons of deadly lava, many powerful enemies including the guard-like Sandimannys once more, a maze through slides and doors, and another appearance of the Deepdragons through a dash water section.
  • Super Flight
  • Super Time
  • Super Invinci
8-4 The World Lift The thirtininth level of the game. The World Lift is the longest level in the game, and the main point of interest is the World Lift itself. The World Lift will carry Danny and Sammy through waves of enemies and drop them off at eight different passages. Each passage represents one of the worlds and must be cleared in order to keep the World Lift working. The goal of the level is to reach the top.
  • Determined Heroes
  • World Lift
  • Kaine
8-5 The Final Act The fourtieth and last level of the entire game. Unlike the level before it, this level is the shortest in the game. It features a rather quick sequence where the World Lift transforms into a flying train, driving its way to the center of the castle. There, Danny and Sammy will finally confront Seam, and later Orcus, in order to complete the game.
  • Seam
  • Orcus
  • Victorious Kids

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