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Danielle Parker
Full Name Danielle Rose Parker
Date of Birth March 28th, 1997
Gender Female
Location Manchester, New Hampshire
Current Status Alive
Class Journey Team Member
First Appearance Fantendo - Journey

Danielle Parker is a heroine from the RTAverse who is part of the Journey team. A young woman who was planning on being a politician, Danielle changed her mind and decided to become a superhero, going through the portal to become one.

Danielle is a main character of Fantendo - Journey. Reception has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Journey

Physical Appearance

Danielle is an 19-year old latina with dark brown skin, reddish-brown eyes, and red hair tied up into a ponytail. She wears a crimson t-shirt, light blue skinny jeans, and red leather boots.


Danielle was born with telekinetic powers she has trained for many years. Despite the powers not being very strong, she has mastered it and can use various telekinetic techniques and incorporate them into her fighting. She's also a good fighter, relying on quick attacks and dodging the enemies' attacks.

She's also smart and charming, being able to persuade people. She also has athletic training and is pretty fast, nimble, and agile.


Danielle is usually serious, preferring not to joke around and be lazy and instead focusing on planning and getting things done, and having little tolerance for jokesters and slackers. She's also pretty stubborn and wants to do things her way.

Despite this, she is a strong believer in doing what's right and is dedicated to saving lives and helping people out. She is a good listener and comforts those who are sad.