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As written by Fandro, a writer of Fantendo the Animated Series.

It all began in a military stranded out in a desert in the middle of Weststar.  The camera zooms over the military, and then it zooms on General Scotch, who was commanding his troops at the moment.  However, as he was doing his usual commanding, he trips over a rock and humorously falls off of the edge of a cliff.  Upon getting back up, Scotch mutters to himself that he should take a small break and go out on the streets to find something to do. As he talks, the camera zooms on a cursed coffin bearing the name of Ms. Lovu Naught.

Scotch then gets into his buggy and drives out into the desert - into the middle of a sandstorm.  The sand attempts to blind the young general, but he raises his sandshield to prevent the event from proceeding.  Not very far away, a city flashes with its bright neon lights.  Finding it as his destination, Scotch zooms into the city with his buggy.  Just as soon as he gets in, his buggy breaks down and explodes, sending Scotch flying into the streets. As he flies, his bag of bombs drops down into the city sewers.

The young general brushes the dust off of his wooly clothes and marches into the streets.  Thinking that he looks a bit too formal, he takes off his spiked helm and hides it in his backpack.  He then enters a bakery and orders a loaf of bread and then pays the sum of two dollars, and then heads back out.  But just as soon as he got outside, he found a wonderful, young, caring lady, known curiously as Ms. Lovu Naught.  The general is shocked and then attempts to talk to her.  As he does so, the heart inside the lady reveals to be a dark mass that has eaten many souls.  Scotch is unweary of this and askes her on a date around five minutes of the episdoe later.  He has no idea what he's getting into...

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